Day 60-8 – The Catalyst

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, ever since we began using the word catalyst to describe Justus. It has clearly been an appropriate title for our little guy. So many of you have written to tell us how this journey with #TeamJustus has either started a relationship with God or jumpstarted one that had moved towards dormancy. I’ve used the term catalyst often as a reminder to all of us to not squander the opportunity, I believe, God has given us. And please remember, I believe from the bottom of my heart, that God is chasing you! That’s why Jesus came… that’s why he died on a cross… that’s why he arose that first Easter. God is crazy in love with you and He’s chasing after you. So my prayer is, if God has used Justus as a catalyst to draw you to him, that it be the beginning of a lifelong relationship. But it will always be your relationship… your choice!

Here is what I’ve been thinking about for weeks. When I was in high school I loved math and science. I remember learning about catalysts. I don’t remember exactly how it worked, but one thing has stuck with me all these years. A catalyst, I was told, when used in a chemical reaction, accelerates the reaction, but doesn’t get used up in the process. Like I said, I have no idea how that works, but I love the application here. It’s more reason why the term catalyst fits our little ninja. Remember, it’s not just about Justus, it never has been. But for some reason God chose to use this little boy and his situation to impact others in profound ways. But here’s the cool part – it doesn’t “use” him up. In other words, this isn’t a burden on Justus.

Some of you feel blessed by his journey, but then feel guilty because of what he’s going through. In fact, some of you have been hesitant to share the great things happening in your life as if there is a finite amount of blessing that God is able to dole out. I have no idea why Justus has gone through what he has gone through. At the end of the day, and we’ve talked about this, I have to pray and simply trust a sovereign God for this journey. But I’m blessed… we all are blessed… when we consider the way God has taken our storm and used it for good. So in a sense God does one better than the characteristics of a catalyst. Not only is Justus (and the rest of our family) not “used” up, we are actually blessed as God uses this storm to grow your relationship with our Heavenly Father.

I hope that makes sense. It has been such an encouraging thought for me to consider. Thank you #TeamJustus for being part of our story and Justus’ journey. You would have been proud of our little warrior today. He had a restful night and then worked his tail off in therapy. How hard did he work, you ask? Well the picture tells the story. Someday we’ll have to convince him that we were laughing with him and not at him. But it was as cute as you can imagine. His two occupational therapists were in the middle of working with him. He was writing on a Magna-Doodle when all of a sudden his head started to droop. The next thing we know, his arm is moving as if he’s trying to write, but he’s sound asleep. Thankfully after sleeping for twenty minutes, we woke him up. He was happy and went right back to work. Please keep praying for that surgery date to be moved up and his continued improvement in therapy.

#TeamJustus please keep praying for all the needs God has brought before you. I especially hope you are checking the #TeamJustus Facebook page as there are some really urgent prayer requests shared there. I wish I could link them, families like Karsen’s, that can use God’s comfort and peace, or Nathaniel who continues to need our prayers, or even #TeamJustus members Nancy Harper and Nancy Ferguson who are in need of a physical touch. My point is, we need to keep praying, not because God needs us to, but because we need us to!

Think about this picture of God’s design… He has used Justus as a catalyst in your story; meanwhile your prayers have been a catalyst in Justus’ journey. Keep being a catalyst… it won’t “use” you up… but God will use it to accelerate some great things!