Day 6 – post #4

When it comes to prayer, no one modeled prayer better than Jesus. I’m always struck by the strange reality… Jesus is God and yet spent more time in prayer talking to God than any human being ever! What a constant challenge to me that I need to pray more. Tonight we were blown away by the overwhelming response to our call for prayer. We know for a fact that groups all over the world gathered at 8pm PST to pray for our little Justus. I’m not hesitant to say, God was pleased. So many around the world were united in declaring a right perspective between us and God. There is a God and it isn’t us!

I never want to feel like I’m defending God because God needs no defense. God is God! He answers prayers, only sometimes they aren’t answered in the way we want them answered. And more often than not they aren’t answered in the time frame we tell Him to answer them. Tonight we asked for a positive MRI. Did God answer it? Yes. Did He answer it the way we wanted? No at least not yet.

The result was positive in the sense that the pressure they were so worried about had lessened, so the treatment they were taking to reduce the swelling of the brain had been effective. The hard part is, according to the MRI, the infection hasn’t stopped and in fact has gotten worse and spread to other parts of the brain. That tells the doctors that more parts of Justus’ body are now affected (including movement) and likely permanently. And the scariest part of all is, it hasn’t stopped. But I’m quick to point out, MRI’s are a machine and doctors are just doing their job. We asked the Lord to give these doctors wisdom and using their collective wisdom at this point they would say the prognosis is not good. I appreciate these doctors, they are very good at what they do. At the same time, and I know I will lose some of you here, doctors don’t have the final say.

I’m not in denial. I listened and I know full well the prognosis. But I’m going to continue to fight for my grandson and I’m going to continue to petition the Lord on his behalf. I believe in miracles and I’m praying for one. I’m also able to accept God’s will, whatever that becomes. So I would ask you at the very least to join our family in journeying these difficult waters we are in with true faith and grace. We want the doctors and nurses to see the love of Christ in the way we live our lives, even when it’s tough. May we have wisdom in the decision making process each step of the way. Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill Alyse and Jason with a peace that transcends understanding. You all have joined hearts with us in praying all along and we are forever grateful. We would beg you to continue in these really hard days ahead.

I would also invite those of you that would want to join me in praying for a miracle. Remember I said I accept God’s will for my life and the life of my family, but I’m also going to pray for a miracle in Justus’ life. I know what the MRI’s say, and I’m not questioning the accuracy. I just know that until the Lord releases me, I’m going to pray for God to heal Justus. I love God and I love my grandson. So if you are inclined I would invite you to join us as we continue to pray for a miracle. But as Jesus said in the garden, “Your will be done.”

Again, on behalf of Jason and Alyse, please know how unbelievably grateful we are for the prayers and support that has gone up around this sweet little boy. Thank-you falls woefully short in expressing our gratitude. We love you and will keep you updated as to Justus’ progress. Thank-you #TeamJustus.