Day 6 – post #1

You might not realize it, but so many of you have been praying for these little feet. I couldn’t help but take a picture of Justus’ little foot complete with his ET like red toe monitor. There isn’t a lot to update, other than to say they don’t know what is causing the infection. They (many doctors across several disciplines) have been conferencing and consulting with each other to decide an appropriate course of treatment. Sadly even they have to admit that while it is the best option, it may not end up being the one that does the trick. So please continue to pray for wisdom.

The’ve put in an arterial line which doesn’t signal anything other than they want to be able to monitor CO2 better. Obviously for the family it’s hard because it’s another intrusion into our sweet little man. But we are trusting the Lord has put us where he wanted us. Their efforts in the wee hours of the morning to better support the brain have been successful so far. But, if healing of the brain doesn’t begin soon, it’s just a matter of time before there becomes a need for more aggressive help. So we boldy come before the throne of Christ and continue to pray for a miracle. We pray that God would touch Justus and heal him.

And finally we had hoped for a more restful night for Jason and Alyse. They did get a little rest, but then they were awakened with the need to deal with Justus as he struggled through the night. Pray that tonight they are able to rest. Pray that all of us would sense the Lord’s presence as we gather to support Justus, Jason and Alyse.

Thanks again for putting up with these long updates. We love you being a part of this family. May the Lord Bless and keep you. And may our Sovereign and good heavenly father touch Justus. Please keep praying. Thanks #teamJustus.