Day 57-5 – Finally… Football in the air!

Lets play a little jeopardy. The answer is, 1965. Before I give you the question let me acknowledge this isn’t necessarily something to be proud of. But the question is, “When was the last time the first football game of the season I attended was September 25th?” Hey, I warned you! So tonight’s post is a little different, it’s going to be short because I’m writing it at the Stanford Oregon state football game. The picture is fun because we have my three youngest grandchildren at the game. But the special part is we invited some of our friends from our time at Doernbecher’s. We obviously will always feel a debt of gratitude to those professionals that took such great care of Justus. Of course they did their job, but it was obvious they were using the gifts God had given them and they had a passion and concern that went beyond a job.

The other significance of tonight: nothing signifies a move toward a new normal in the Pritchard home like a football game. We thank god for a normal, boring, regular day. Not that boring has ever been a word we’ve used much in our family. But thank-you for praying #TeamJustus.

He’s had another great day. A lot of progress. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. Please continue to pray for his oral progress. The speech therapist is working hard to help him progress on his swallowing and tasting and even moves toward speech. Also please pray for energy as he is working hard and finishing his sessions exhausted. The physical therapist after he rode the tricycle said that in all her years she’s never had a kid on his first ride work so hard and stay on for so long. So he’s working hard, please pray for energy.

And maybe if you watch football this weekend, it might make you think of our family. We would continue to covet your prayers as we learn what normal is. As we enjoyed the game, I looked up hoping to see the moon. Sadly it wasn’t out. But it doesn’t change the fact: the moon is still round!