Day 5 – post #3

Please pray! Justus has had a rough night and it hasn’t gotten better. He’s in Pediatric ICU and being watched very closely. The challenge now is they have done all they can really do. They are doing every they can to support the brain… oxygen, seizure medication, steroids. But if it truly is a viral infection, which by all indications appears to be the case, then his immune system has to fight the infection. They did another MRI and it is worse, which means the infection hasn’t peaked. Please pray it peaks and begins to reverse. Or better yet, pray that God would simply touch his body and heal him. Either way, we trust in the Lord with all our hearts and we are certainly not leaning on our own understanding. Please pray for Jason and Alyse, as you might imagine they are hurting. It’s times like these especially when we need to know that God is near. Thank-you for the prayers that help to make that so evident. We love you.