Day 5 – post #2

Here’s the latest update on our grandson Justus. Please know we are doing this on behalf of Jason and Alyse in order to allow them to not have to answer the many texts and messages. But know how much they feel and appreciate the love and support their son is receiving from so many family and friends. Thank-you. The outpouring of love and prayers has been nothing short of overwhelming. Continue to feel free to share this with your family and friends. We know God desires his people to pray. We believe in the power of prayer! 

Please know we continue to believe in and trust in God’s sovereignty and goodness. While we continue to struggle with the reality of the day, we rest in the security of God’s truth. Without a doubt this was a hard 24 hours. I think to one extent or another we went into this 24 hour period hopeful for some positive movement. Instead we spent a day listening to Drs. unable to give any definitive diagnosis. While that wasn’t shocking, it did become frustrating for all of us on #teamJustus to deal with the events of the day. He had several mild seizures (a twitch) most likely caused by the irritated right hemisphere of the brain. They continue to work to control the seizures with medication which required multiple drugs. At the same time they are working to reduce the inflammation of the brain with steroids. So while that is all happening they are trying to begin attacking some of the more obvious potential causes of the infection. 

All that to say, he hasn’t made any real improvement. He is definitely stable with the exception of these minor seizures. The one change that sounds worrisome is what happened this evening. In an attempt to provide the best care and observation they made the decision to move Justus into the Pediatric ICU. It was scary to hear the suggestion, but their explanation seems consistent with what we know to be true. Nothing has changed that caused a need to make the move, but with his seizures and the ability to monitor him on the regular floor versus ICU it was determined for now it was the best option for everyone. The clincher for us was it meant a more likely possibility that Jason and Alyse would be willing to sleep tonight. 

So please pray Jason and Alyse will be at peace with the Drs. decision and sleep tonight. Pray Justus’ stay in ICU is short meaning he’s showing improvement. They especially would like to know for sure he’s on the downside of the viral curve. And finally pray that the measures being taken to manage the symptoms are effective and minimal long term damage occurs. We continue to covet your prayers knowing that ultimately we will rest in God’s will for Justus and our family. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for your prayers. We are forever grateful!!!