Day #5 – post 1

As I write this they have my grandson hooked up to what seems like hundreds of electrodes in order to do an EEG. Grandparenting is the absolute best and the most excruciating! We are so thankful for all the prayers going up on our grandson Justus’ behalf. We ask you to please continue praying. He continues to be in stable condition, but there are many questions still unanswered.

If you have been following the updates so far, then you will know last night (early this morning) they were able to get a good MRI on Justus’ brain. It confirmed that indeed the right side of his brain is irritated. It can’t tell them exactly why, but they continue to operate under the assumption it is viral encephalitis. They are treating for the virus’ they can treat for, but they can’t even identify much less treat most specific viruses. So we rely on the system God put in place, Justus’ own immune system.

The greatest fear at this point, is permanent damage. There is no way to know for sure the extent of damage. They know a large part of the right hemisphere is irritated, but not the extent to which it is affected. Likely there could be some spots of his brain with permanent damage, but how much and if there is a visible affect no one can know for sure.

So please pray that the boy in this picture will return to his animated and joyous self. As you can imagine the words permanent and brain are hard words for parents to hear. The neurologist did say that what Justus exhibited was better than what the MRI showed and he cared much more about what Justus presents than what an MRI shows. So please pray for God to touch Justus. That regardless of what an MRI might show that he would recover fully.

The doctors are focused specifically on treating viruses they can treat, to make reduce the risk of seizures, and to do everything they can to reduce any irritation and inflammation in the brain. Pray the Jason and Alyse will be able to get some sleep. Both Jason’s and Alyse’s siblings have been remarkable, rallying around them. In addition we are so grateful to all the friends and family that have offered support. WE LOVE YOU!!!

May the God of all comfort strengthen and uphold Jason and Alyse. And may the Great Physician touch his body and restore him to wholeness. Thank-you for again for praying!