Day 49 – Post #2 – Surgery Update

#TeamJustus – Just a quick update on Justus’ surgery… this picture was taken shortly after the surgery. You will notice there is no tube coming out of his nose!!! You can’t see it, but I’m doing my happy dance as I type this (trust me, it’s better that you can’t see it). At any rate the surgery went really well and he has been resting all day.

Now please pray for wisdom in controlling pain and balancing it with getting him to cough and take deep enough breaths to clear his lungs. The plan is to start his feeds at 6am if all goes well tonight. It’s amazing, after all we’ve been through with him, you’d think this gets easier. Instead, Kelli drove back down today and just got back to Lakewood from Portland. We needed to have one of us by his side during the surgery.

For those of you with family, can I just encourage you to never take them for granted? And when I say family, I’m not just talking about blood family, but your church family, those people so close to you they might as well be family. If we’ve learned anything through this ordeal it’s the importance of people and relationships. Take good care of those people that matter most in your life, they really are more important than all the stuff we spend our life accumulating. Sorry, for getting on my little bandwagon! This whole ordeal with Justus has just reminded me how much I love God, love my wife, love my kids, love all those people I call family… and love you!

So, thanks #TeamJustus for praying for our little guy today. Day 49 ends with what the bible calls a “peace that passes all understanding.” In Ephesians its tells us, instead of getting anxious. PRAY. And not only will that allow us peace, but that peace will guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus. And that’s awesome! We still have a long road ahead, but there is a strong sense of peace, knowing that so many are praying and that God has been here from the beginning… when we could feel Him… and even when we couldn’t; a little bit like that round moon!