Day 46

Today’s post is going to be super short in hopes of hearing more from all of you. The update is simple… Justus had a great day. Please keep praying as we are nearing the final days of weaning off more meds and hopefully the final days of withdrawal. But, today we had a really great day after having had a restful night. Thanks so much for all the prayers; please don’t underestimate the explainable or the unexplainable importance of your prayers. Please know we read virtually every comment and prayer that you write through you comments and posts. It is so encouraging and uplifting and faith-building. Thank-you!!! A hundred times thank-you! To the always round moon and back… thank-you!

But last night we asked all of you to join us in a focused day of prayer for today. I know some of you went so far as to join us in setting aside today as a day of fasting and praying. A couple of times today, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the hundreds or thousands of people whose hearts were joined today in prayer. And I must tell you as I read all the prayer requests and prayed over each one, I was reminded of what I’ve felt and said from early on… this isn’t just about Justus! I could only imagine the smile it brought on the Lord to be intimately connected with each one of you today.

It made me wish I were like Elisha’s servant in 1 Kings 6. If you don’t know the story, the basic idea is the King of Aram had surrounded Elisha with strong force of horses and chariots with the intent of capturing Elisha. When Elisha’s servant warns the prophet, the prophet’s response in verse 16 was “Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” Then he asked the Lord to open the eyes of his servants that he might see what was happening in the spiritual realm. When he did the servant saw horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. If the Lord had granted me one wish today… ok, my one wish would be for Justus to be fully healed. If the Lord had granted me a second wish, it would have been to see what was happening in the heavenly realm as #TeamJustus stormed the throne room of grace, not just for Justus, but also for all of the requests that came in. I know it would have been magnificent!

Speaking of, how bitter sweet to read all of those comments today. Bitter to feel the pain so many are feeling on behalf of loved ones and friends; a pain we’ve come to know all too well. Sweet to realize all the prayers going up on behalf of these prayers, and bitter-sweet to read of at least one life where perfect healing took place – no more pain, no more sorrow for Robert! It’s a stark reminder that there is pain and suffering in this world we live in. We are called in the midst of the storm to bring our needs to God… lay them at the foot of the cross of Jesus. That’s what we did today. I thought what would be super encouraging would be to hear from you. Would you be willing to share some of the God sightings you’ve had since we’ve started this journey together. In other words, as #TeamJustus has been praying, or fasting and praying, have you had any signs from God. It could have come through a “coincidence” that happened. Or maybe a blessing from a friend that happened… sometimes it comes as just an overwhelming sense of God’s presence in the middle of your day…or maybe an answer to a prayer. But it would be really encouraging, I know for me, but for everyone to hear how you’ve seen or heard from the Lord.

I can tell you one of the many, many ways we’ve seen God move has been through this unexpected #TeamJustus. You’ve provided encouragement and strength during some really tough times. We’ve literally seen many, many God sightings. Here is a quick example of one – early on the nurses were having trouble getting an IV in Justus’ arm during our tense days in intensive care. This was making Alyse and Jason extremely anxious. They decided to call one of the Panda nurses (Panda are the “special forces” of the hospital that go out and transport critical patients back to the hospital). When the Panda nurse walked in Jason took one look at him and recognized him as Bob, a former football teammate at Oregon. It was such a needed relief at that moment to see a familiar face and know he could be trusted with their son! There are so many more. Do you have any?!?!

Thanks again for joining us today in prayer. The picture I chose is Alyse and Jason breaking (ending) their fast with their niece (Kelliana) and daughter (Amaya). Moving forward we’d ask you to remember two things in particular. Tuesday, the folks from Randall are coming to evaluate Justus for rehab and then Wednesday they have a scheduled MRI and consult with the neurosurgeon. We fully trust God’s will, but ask for wisdom for the doctors and Jason and Alyse as they navigate these decisions. And finally please pray for Kelli and I as we make final plans to pull back to our home in Lakewood. A really great step in Justus’ process, but as you can imagine a tender moment for Grammy and her daughter! In some ways more painful than the withdrawals we’re watching our dear grandson go through.