Day 39

First, because I’ve been accused of holding the update information till the end of my post, let me start with some good news. We had one of the first “good night” followed by a “good day”. We can’t be sure, but the explainable seems to be some combination of the drugs finally evening out in this weaning process combined with an adjustment in his feeds. The unexplainable of course is unexplainable. But in that supernatural realm, what we know is we continue to have more and more people joining #TeamJustus and praying for our little man.

Today I spent a lot of time thinking and praying for all of you. Maybe it was because of yesterday’s post or maybe it’s because so much of our onsite team has had to return to their normal life or maybe it’s just because God has put a burden on my heart for all of you. Regardless, as I looked around Justus’ room today I was struck by what I see every day. That’s why I included a picture of just a small portion of his room. I don’t know how clearly you can see everything, but his walls are filled with bible verses. During my day I walk into his room and kiss his forehead and say a little prayer. I look at his wall and I read a verse and I say a little prayer. Today I passed by room 37 where a young man had just been discharged that had been praying for Justus and I said a prayer. Then our dynamic duo from physical therapy came to spend time with Justus and I prayed, thanking God for them.

My point is this; I’m surrounded all day with reasons and reminders to pray. I thought about you all (and me in a few days). I know how crazy busy life gets. But as I’ve read some of your comments I can hear the passion and excitement from a life touched by God. My prayer, driven by my burden, is the question, “How do you keep the fire going?” When life gets busy and other important items fill your calendar, how do you make sure your communication and relationship with your creator remains the priority? The Lord has truly given me a burden for all of you. Don’t ask me how that works. I realize I haven’t met the vast majority of you. But I know how important this relationship with Jesus is and I’m genuinely interested in helping that relationship grow and not fizzle out. But my little confession is this. I’m also selfishly thinking about when I have to leave the hospital and return to my new normal. I know how easy it will be to allow life to crowd out my time with the Lord.

I’ve been saying all along this isn’t just about Justus. I absolutely believe that. God has used him as the catalyst. He has helped ignite in so many of you a new fervor for God. I’m so excited about all the other prayers being lifted up by #TeamJustus. I’m thrilled that #TeamJustus is about a team of prayer warriors, not just about a bunch of people praying for Justus (although that’s happening in buckets!!!). In fact, as an example, if you haven’t already seen this, check out this link for Team Ellie. I know God would be thrilled to have #TeamJustus praying for Justus and Ellie and a hundred other people; God can handle all of that. Here’s another one for you – a young boy almost four named Gavin is having brain surgery at this same hospital. There is always great risk when it comes to neuro surgery. Please pray for Gavin and his parents. And I’m sure you have some of your own to add to the list.My prayer, as I prayed for you today, was for these 39 days to be the start of a new normal for all of you. My hope is that this new passion for prayer, this new connection to God, would continue to grow. If you are new and have questions, then please get your questions answered. Message me if you don’t have anyone in your circle of friends that understands the relationship God desires you to have with Him. But, know that as Justus continues to come more and more out of his fog, I’m hoping each one of us would come more and more out of our fog. Justus is getting better, slowly but surely. There is a long road ahead. But I know soon, I’m going to be like you, back trying to keep my relationship with God a priority in the midst of a busy life. And like you, I’m going to have to be deliberate if I want to keep prayer a priority. But I’m committed to doing that. I’m hoping you are too. Justus and Ellie and Gavin are counting on us!A couple of reminders. We are going to fast and pray this coming Monday. is the post I wrote the first time we called for a day of fasting and praying in case you weren’t familiar with it. We do have all of the old updates now available atwww.AxisMinistries.ORG. And we do have a new supply of wristbands, so if you were wanting #TeamJustus wristbands all you have to do is cover the cost of shipping and handling. To order go to . I love that #TeamJustus isn’t just about praying for Justus!