Day 29 – post #1

We’ve talked a lot over the past several weeks about the storms of life. God has been encouraging all of us to remember, the moon is round, even in the midst of the storm. I might even say, especially in the midst of the storm. There are things about Jesus, which the disciples could only see in the middle of the storm. I think God is teaching us to really trust Him when things don’t make any sense. Maybe it’s a little bit like a muscle, the more we have chosen to trust God in the middle of this storm, the more it has made sense (I’m stopping short of saying the easier it’s gotten). We know that we aren’t out of the woods yet. We continue to pray for a complete healing because we know God is able and God is good. With that, we definitely know Justus has a long road and a lot of work ahead of him (unless God chooses to instantly restore him). 

My fear, if I have one, is this season of intense prayer has been so amazing (and based on all the comments I’m not alone in feeling that way); what happens when Justus’ life is no longer in the balance? What will keep all of us from returning to our previous level of prayer? Remember I’ve been saying all along, this has never been about Justus. For some reason, God used the illness of this little boy, to ignite a firestorm of prayer around the world. I don’t know much, but I do know this; God is pleased and He doesn’t want us to revert back. Prayer is communicating. Think about it this way, if you haven’t been accustomed to praying and these last several weeks you’ve started to pray and prayer is communicating; who have you been communicating with? Whether you fully understand it or not is irrelevant. You have been having conversations with the same God who created you, who loves you and who’s been chasing you! Do think for a minute he would want that to ever stop?!?! And of course we all know the answer to that.

So, selfishly, please keep praying for Justus as he hopefully begins to slowly transition into a season of being physically stable (he isn’t quite there) and focused more on redeeming his brain. But again I would remind you; Justus is just the catalyst. All of us have plenty of other things to pray about. Keep the lines of communication open with God.

For Justus, today I would ask you to pray he is able to cough and protect his airway. And then please pray as they continue to assess him neurologically. He’s coming down off the pentobarbital and some of the other anti-seizure medications. They still are trying to figure out what shape his brain is in. Physical therapy is working hard to help him regain use of muscles. You can see Jason is trying out Justus’ helmet they brought him to protect his brain when he’s being moved or sitting up. Everyone is fighting over which team’s logo should be put on the helmet. By the look on his dad’s face Oregon might win the argument. All of this is hard work, but again we are grateful to be in this place today. As his family we can tell he’s trying to communicate, but we have a ways to go. Truly His mercies are new every morning… the moon is round (and going to be gigantic tomorrow night)… and we feel very blessed!

So keep praying! We love you! #TeamJustus!