Day 28 – post #1

Amazing Grace! Grace is a funny thing. If you look up the definition, there are many. The one I think applies most to our situation is this; “a manifestation of favor, especially by a superior”. The assumption when we ask for grace is that we know how God should exhibit His grace on us. In our case, grace would be to get us out of the hospital. The picture is Kelli and I with the young girl I asked you to pray for, Mikayla, standing in front of Justus. She stopped by after she was discharged from the hospital!!! Thank you so much for your prayers. It was amazing grace to see her walk into the waiting room with balloons for Justus and his little sister. I was also thankful because one of you in an earlier post commented about how hard it was to be the one leaving. Obviously you’re excited to be going, but feeling almost guilty for leaving others behind. That little tidbit was so helpful as Mikayla’s family came to let us know her progress. You could see in their eyes they were feeling that exact emotion towards us. I was so grateful to understand what was going on and be able to tell them, “Don’t you dare feel guilty. We are so excited for Mikayla and your family.” I think they knew we were sincere in our expression in spite of the tears it created. But please don’t miss this… all of that is God’s amazing grace. Mikayla represented hope and a new day. (I think tomorrow we going to have to have a discussion about coincidence or providence)

But today I’m sensing God’s amazing grace. Yesterday, I’m not going to lie, was a tough day. It started off with such promise. His initial exam surprised, you might even say shocked, the attending physician. There was talk of removing the breathing tube once the plasmapheresis was done. Plasmapheresis showed up more than 2 hours late and everything went downhill from there. A failed procedure led to a ton of drugs and then an order for another MRI. All in all it was a day we felt was a bit of a step backwards. But God’s mercies are new every day. It’s His grace… a new day. And today is a new day. To be honest he isn’t quite back to where he started yesterday, but he’s getting close.

Our prayer today is for a day of progress as we earnestly chase Justus. The decision was made to discontinue the plasmapheresis. He made it clear yesterday that it wasn’t something he could tolerate. They are working to remove some of the lines into his body and to resume oral feedings. Generally speaking the plan today is to really let Justus recover and let him tell us how he’s doing and what he needs. So please pray for Justus. He continues to wake up more. He’s getting less and less drugs. His MRI showed the swelling was generally unchanged, which is a little disappointing. The good news was the area of the brain that has been lit up brightly has moved in the right direction showing improvement. Again, the why question… why doesn’t God just fix his brain? Who knows! But again, it doesn’t matter because we trust God. So please pray that today is a day of improvement for Justus.

When I think of God’s grace there is so much I’m thankful for today. I’m thankful for family and friends and all of you that have rallied around my grandson. I have to give a shout out to two of my kids, Auntie Deeks and Uncle Fana. It was their birthday yesterday and basically it was spent focusing on Justus. We love you Krista and Tana and we are so thankful you were born!! I’m thankful too for the body of Christ. I’m grateful to a church that has allowed me to be here by Justus’ side.

I’m wondering what you are grateful for today? How have you seen God’s grace in your life? My guess is some of you are making the same mistake Mikayla’s family made. You’re feeling guilty because you’re out living life, enjoying the last days of summer and we’re here. Remember when I talked about worldview? I believe that’s a wrong worldview. You’re assuming that if God is blessing you, then you are somehow using up a blessing He could be giving to Justus. That’s not God’s economy. God doesn’t have a limited amount of blessings. The issue is we don’t always understand what is God’s blessing, which is why we have to trust God’s sovereignty. Was the failed plasmapheresis God turning his back on Justus or could it be His blessing? We can’t know… but we can trust!

For the most part we have chosen to stay within the walls of this hospital. You are out there (where ever there is!). You want to honor Justus, then live life the way God would have you live life. Colossians 3:17 “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Do you want to bless us? We would love to hear how God is blessing you today. Share with us what you are thankful for. If you want send pictures of the things your grateful for. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound! Let’s be thankful for God’s amazing grace!