Day 26 – post #1

If you consider the life of Paul, one truth you should walk away with is this; the life of faith isn’t for the faint of heart. We’ve been learning that lesson throughout this journey with Justus. And please hear me on this, I know many out there, probably some reading this update, have experienced far heavier trials and much more difficult roads. While I have greatly appreciatedthe affirmation and support for our family, I don’t for a minute feel like we are special, other than we are in a storm right now. Another of those often thrown around truths is this, “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” That’s hard to hear in the middle of the storm. It’s very true, but without a ton of grace, it can be enough to run the other way. Because if God doesn’t think this is more than I can handle then He obviously doesn’t know me.

This morning, our favorite guy, Dr. Bob, was to put in a femoral catheter at 8:30am. We were there for all the preparations. In fact, if you look at the picture I included, it’s Dr. Bob and Jason before the procedure. You can see Dr. Bob’s badge with the #TeamJustusbracelet wrapped around it. I don’t know how many of these he’s done, but enough that this should have been a relatively quick (10 minutes) procedure. Instead, after an hour, they had to give up. Just like the other night, they were unable to place the catheter. Remember, this journey of faith isn’t for the faint of heart. A lot of prayer and consideration went into this decision. Everyone agreed this was the right decision. God used Dr. Bob one night to save Justus’ life. I asked Dr. Bob for permission to pray over him; which he granted. So we prayed over Dr. Bob, over Justus and over his parents. There was no reason for this to do anything but go smoothly, and yet here we are with no catheter.

And Jason and Alyse are left in the place of trying to figure out why. Which, I’ve found in my experience, “why” is a terrible question. God rarely lets us know why and He certainly never seems to let us know “why” very far out in the future. Instead, he asks us to walk a path of faith where all we can see is the next step. The Psalmist describes God’s word as , “… a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” To me that isn’t a picture of a floodlight shining 1000 feet ahead of me. Instead, it’s a picture of the Lord and His word helping me with the next step. So, was this fail God trying to tell us something, or is this the enemy trying to thwart the one thing that would help Justus get better? It’s hard to know. Wouldn’t it be great if the Lord would let Jason and Alyse know, if you make this decision, here is what it will look like next week. He doesn’t, so they have to prayerfully consider what the next step is to be. Their faith journey requires them to consider what God is telling them they should do right now. But faith allows you to know that, either way, God has you in His arms. The most important step in the whole process is the praying and considering process. A sovereign God can take care of the answer, regardless (I hope that makes sense).

So we’re asking you to stop for a moment and lift up a prayer. First, for clarity and comfort for Jason and Alyse. Second, against the schemes of the enemy. And finally, for a noon procedure. Justus will be taken to IR (Interventional Radiology) to have the catheter put in. They have more equipment and better ability to see. But remember, our trust is in the Lord. I don’t know why it hasn’t worked yet. I have no idea if it is going to work this time. All I know is God is in charge and we put our trust in Him. I will once again ask the Lord to use the men and women he has so uniquely gifted for the purpose of healing.

If you read my post the other day, I used the example of your favorite football team picking up the first down at a critical moment, and being able to take a breath. I also said there would likely be other “hold your breath” moments. Well, please pray for our little man. And please pray for us as we “hold our breath.” We love and appreciate you for taking our petition before the Lord. I’ll end with a little positive news, they did move him down again to .5 on the pentobarbital. So in the midst of this storm, God has provided some light. Thanks for praying. Please continue. God is able. God is good. Go #TeamJustus!