Day 24 – post #1

Can I say, we have received the most amazing pictures of sunrises and sunsets from all of you? And I don’t want to take anything away from any of them, but my favorite part of those pictures is what they represent, not how incredible they are – God’s mercies are new every morning. Great is God’s faithfulness. While we still find ourselves in the storm, it’s easy to think back tonot too many days ago when I was so happy for another sunrise. Even those really hard mornings when we got jarred awake by a phone call, it was the promise of a new day. It reminds me of Psalm 130. It’s how I felt some of those days when, quite honestly, we went to bed with no promise of a new morning with our grandson. Verse 6 says, “I wait for the Lord, more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning.” If you’ve ever been in the military or know someone who has, it’s that sense of being on guard all through the dark night and how welcome the morning light is. Each sunrise should remind us that God’s mercy is for us; undeserved, unmerited, but so welcomed.

And now we find our selves in that place again of waiting for the Lord. Justus had another great night. Everything seems to be slowly improving. He is moving more and opening his eyes. He’s still staring off and not really looking at anything yet, but we are so happy to see him blinking. There are still no seizures, which we are so thankful for. It looks like they will take the pentobarbital down to 1.5 this afternoon! The neurologists continue to warn us that a deeper part of the brain was affected by the infection. This part of the brain is the part that controls some very important functions like movement, learning, habits, emotion etc. The doctors anticipate that these functions may be impacted by the virus, and we should prepare ourselves for that possibility when Justus wakes up. So we would ask specifically that you pray for God to protect or restore those parts of his brain that were involved in the infection. We’ve been saying all along, we trust the Lord, but we are absolutely storming the throne room and petitioning on Justus’ behalf for a full and complete recovery. God is able. God is good.

Here’s another quick snapshot of Justus with his uncle Jerome (Jason’s older brother), or as Justus would say, Uncle Mello. Uncle Mello tells of the time he read Justus a book. Of all the books to pick, Justus picked Duke Ellington. Jerome read the entire book to Justus while Justus stopped him at every turn to ask questions. He not only wanted to hear the words, he wanted to absorb everything. When they finished reading the book, Justus said, “I like Duke Ellington!” When Jerome asked why, his nephew gave him detail from the story that Jerome had forgotten… like the fact that Duke chose baseball over piano at first. He also reminded his uncle that Duke didn’t like piano at first because he didn’t like playing the one-two-one-two sound, or what he called the “umpy dump”. Justus told him Duke wanted to be free to create his own style of music. He also reminded Uncle Mello that Duke was skilled at a lot of different instruments. Jerome was blown away by how curious Justus was and how much he retained. All he could think was, “Justus, you are awesome!”

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