Day 23 – post #2

We just arrived at Alyse and Jason’s home to bath our two young granddaughters both age 2. I mentioned earlier that we’ve established a rhythm and this has become our routine. Without going into too much detail, because it isn’t my story, I’ll give you a little background as to how we are even here in Portland at the Children’s Hospital. After all we live in Lakewood as do Jason’s family. The Reader’s Digest version is this; Alyse attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN to become a nurse practitioner. She had just gotten a great job at a clinic in Tigard, OR. They had chosen Tigard for her job and to get closer to family. They moved and she started work on June 1st of this year. They had found a home and were so excited about their new life. It was so easy to visit family and for family to visit them. And then less than two months after moving into town Justus got sick and, that’s where we find ourselves today.

I was talking earlier to my older sister, Deb. She was telling me about her first visit to their home in Tigard, OR. Justus was showing her around and pointing out all the interesting things about the house. Then on the way down the hall towards his room they passed the study. Without breaking stride, Justus motioned towards study with a big sweeping motion of his right arm. He said, “That’s where I read my bible!” Not, “That’s where I read,” or “That’s the study”… No, even though they’d only been in the house for less than 2 months, Justus was already in the habit of reading his bible! The picture I posted is of Justus and Amaya with his great aunt and uncle when they visited his new house. We are so grateful for community, especially the way our church family has rallied around us. It’s what has allowed us to rally around Jason and Alyse.

And speaking of story, I want to encourage you to take the time to develop your story. Your story is really God’s story with you as one of the main characters. But you never know when you might be called upon to give an answer for the faith within you. Right now, we aren’t sure where our story goes from here. But we’re excited because it’s God’s story and we get to be a part of it. Right now that story seems scary, except we know the author and He is good!

The update on Justus is good. I know we have a long road ahead but when we said goodbye to him tonight we spoke to him and prayed for him. His eyes were more open than they’ve been in weeks and he was blinking. He seems to be resting very peacefully. His pentobarbital is now down to 2.0. We’re seeing more movement and some shaking. So far nothing that looks like a seizure. So please pray for another boring night. And pray the other anti-seizure medications would titrate to the correct levels for him to function. At the current rate his pentobarbital would move to zero on Wednesday. We are so looking forward to when he finally wakes up. As you can imagine the thought of waking him up is also scary for his sweet father and mother. What will he be like? The doctors don’t necessarily give him tons of hope to have “normal” brain function. But as we’ve said all along – until God speaks, we keep praying and hoping. And once God does speak we trust in His sovereignty.