Day 22 – post #2

So tonight the onsite portion of #TeamJustus had a really fun experience. While we were hanging out together after dinner we ended up in a conversation with another large family waiting in the extremely undersized PICU waiting room. They shared their story with us. I wish I had asked permission to share the details of their daughter’s story but I didn’t. At any rate, it was obvious there was tension and anxiety on the faces of those waiting. I thought I recognized the look and indeed I did. They were waiting, while their little girl underwent brain surgery. It was just a little over a week ago we were in the same waiting room while our grandson’s brain was being operated on. We had never met, although we kept offering them food and drinks (I’m Samoan, that’s just what we do when we meet people!). #TeamJustus was mostly sprawled outside the waiting room, lining the hallways of the hospital.

When I finally was able to talk privately with the mom, I asked her if she’d like me to pray for her daughter. I thought she was going to cry immediately. Then I asked if she’d like me to come back into the room and pray with everyone. Again, she showed her appreciation immediately. So I asked as many of our team to squeeze back in the room as we circled up. My family instinctively started grabbing their family’s hands because when we pray we say, “We’re holders not folders!” Those that couldn’t fit into the room simply got as close to the doorway as they could. In all there was probably 30 of us praying, with almost as many outside as inside the waiting room. I then had the opportunity to pray for this girl I have never met. It sounds a little like so many of you! It was a sweet moment of joining hands and joining hearts with these brand new friends and leading them in prayer.

They had heard a little of our story. I believe they took comfort in knowing, not only were we praying for them, but we understood what they were feeling. Which I believe is one of the truths with this journey we have all been on. True, this experience has been a little different for those that are a part of Justus’ family. Nonetheless, #TeamJustus you have had the opportunity to see behind the curtain of a family going through a storm. You understand some of the raw emotion that happens in crisis. I believe had you been in that waiting room, any of you that have been on this journey with us, could have empathized with that family and offered up a heartfelt prayer. As it was, I had the privilege of praying for peace and blessing. I was able to ask the great physician for total healing. I was the one to pray for the parents. Then I was able to point them to God ~ trust God! They knew I understood. They knew I could track with them as they talked about their experience.

What a sweet moment as total strangers, not ten minutes earlier, linked hands, and more importantly, linked our hearts together. It was fun to pray for their little girl. Then right before we left the hospital to put our granddaughters to bed, they shared the update on their daughter. The surgery was a success and they felt she was doing really good. It was fun to celebrate with them and hug them as much of the tension left their faces.

Will we have that kind of a celebration moment with Justus? Only time will tell. But it doesn’t take away from the privilege of praying with and standing with others in need of prayer. #TeamJustus, you are a force to be reckoned with. You are waging battle where the battle is won or lost. I know we are all praying for a miracle and tonight I’m going to ask you to continue to pray for that miracle. But praying tonight with this family, I was reminded God has already performed a miracle. That miracle is you! An army of prayer warriors has been unleashed and strengthened through the catalyst of #TeamJustus. Never, never, never quit! Prayer warriors for life!

As we shared earlier Justus had a good day. In fact this is the longest good stretch we’ve had since checking in 22 days ago. Thank-you for your prayers on Justus’ behalf. The final read of the MRI showed no change. It wasn’t better and it wasn’t worse. I don’t know if that qualifies as good news. It’s great news compared to where we were just a few short days ago. Tonight the prayer is for a boring night and sleep for everyone. Specifically we are watching his movements as he becomes more and more awake. We know there will be shaking and twitching at times and that’s hard for a mother to watch! But we want to avoid the seizure like movements that can develop. Pray for his vital signs to stay strong. He has been so strong throughout, I feel encouraged for tonight. If the Lord wakes you up, I hope you will once again send up a prayer for Justus – and while you’re at it, say a prayer for this little girl tonight. Don’t worry! God already knows her name.