Day 22 – post #1

Let me get right to the picture otherwise you’ll all be distracted as you are reading. First, it is not photo shopped. Secondly, I had my friend Don remind me yesterday of the story of then President Ronald Reagan going into surgery after being shot. Trying to keep the moment light he said to the surgeon, “I hope you’re a Republican.” To which the doctor responded, “Mr. President, today we’re all Republicans.” I think it’s safe to say with Justus lying on a bed fighting for his life, today we’re all #TeamJustus! This photo was fun and obtained because of some family connections. It reminds me of how blessed we are with all of our family and friends, and it reminds me of how much you Texans stick together !

Fridays in the Pritchard home is “Spoil You Rotten Day” or as Justus liked to call it, “Robin Day.” Friday is the day when the kids can have sugar cereal, after school the TV is available, mom makes a great snack for them, and we have pizza for dinner. When Kelli and I woke up today we asked God if he would consider giving us a real “spoil you rotten” day. Obviously, that would be us walking out of here with Justus, but short of that, we were hoping for some good news about Justus’ night and his progress.

Well #TeamJustus we had a good night last night. Thanks so much for your prayers. Everything continues to move in the right direction so everyone is very good this morning. We were reminded to keep everything in perspective, after all he’s still in PICU and he’s still in a pentobarb coma. But, we have very encouraging signs and more importantly our trust is in the Lord. Like all of us here, some of you are waiting to hear about the MRI. The preliminary read doesn’t indicate any big changes but they are going to give us a full reading this afternoon. Honestly I’m not sure how to tell you to pray. We certainly are asking for improvement, but I continue to believe that God isn’t bound by these MRI readings. In His time He can simply have Justus wake up. So a part of me is asking us to pray for continual improvement in his MRI but always continuing to pray for him to be fully healed.

So thanks again #TeamJustus for praying through the night. We welcome our two new members of the team, but we don’t welcome them any more than anyone else out there wanting to petition the God of the universe on Justus’ behalf. We love you and appreciate you!!! Go #TeamJustus!

Also, for those that have been asking for the donation site as our stay at the hospital continues, here is the link. As always, we ask only for your prayers! Thank you!: