Day 21 – post #3 – Jesus Calms the Storm

Busy! That is how I would describe today for poor Justus. It was a great day, but busy. Pretty amazing to have a busy day while in a medically induced coma, but that is still how I would describe his day, busy! First there was a ton of poking and prodding trying to figure out how he was progressing. They moved his medications a bunch of times. They dropped his pentobarbital to 3.0. They removed his catheter and his plumbing worked correctly (growing up we’d say he went number 1 and number 2 ). His EEG leads were completely removed and replaced. His bandages from surgery were removed. And of course he had an MRI (which by the way we won’t have results from until the morning). Whew! Thank you #TeamJustus for your prayers and support throughout every minute of our day.I wanted to share some thoughts because I know some that are reading these posts are either in a storm of their own, have recently lived through a storm, or are getting ready to head into a storm. A few years back our family went through what we called at the time “The Perfect Storm”. I think if you could have seen Jesus’ face when I referred to the storm in our life as the perfect storm He would have had one of those knowing grins. Not a condemning grin or a teasing grin, but rather one of those grins that said, “I know how you feel today, but I also know what is in your future.” As it turns out, the storm three years ago was big, but it was simply a training ground and perhaps a testing ground in preparation for the storm we are in today. I’m not dumb enough to declare this is the biggest storm we will ever be in, but it certainly is the biggest we’ve been in to this point. One epiphany I learned from the first storm, and those that know our family well may remember this, came from the story in Mark 4, when Jesus calms the storm. It’s a simple story but it had a profound message for me. Jesus and His disciples are in a boat in the middle of a storm. The disciples (his closest companions that he has been mentoring and doing life with for years) are afraid they are going to die and so they wake up Jesus. Jesus wakes up and simply tells the storm to quiet down and it does (which is why we’ve asked Jesus to quiet the storm in Justus’ brain.) The Bible says in verse 41 – They were terrified and asked each other, “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”Here was my great revelation, which has only deepened with our current storm. These disciples, the men who knew him better than anyone else, discovered things about Jesus in the storm, they didn’t know before. Here they were terrified of their friend and asking, “Who is this?” There are things about God that you will never see until you find yourself in a storm. Does that mean you will all have the type of storm we are having? Of course not. Some of you will have bigger storms and some smaller. My encouragement to you is this; don’t get so focused on the wind and the waves that you miss the hand of God moving in your midst. Each night as a family throughout this storm, we have tried to stop and ask if anyone had a God sighting that day. In other words, a small or big way they saw God move in their day. I have learned so much about God… like what I shared last night and this morning about the size of God. It took being in this storm for the truth of God’s ways being higher than my ways to become real. I promise, God is in your boat during the storm… you might not feel it, and you might not like it, but He is there. I’m begging you; don’t miss what He has for you.Please keep praying for our nights. With all the tussling about with the MRI, we are praying for a boring night with Justus. The MRI has happened, but pray for a positive MRI reading in the morning. We are praying for an MRI that makes them gasp! But God’s will be done!And finally, I hope I can say this in a way that doesn’t come off any way other than full of love and grace but I feel this important to say. I know some of you have asked about coming to see Justus or his parents and you have to know how blessed we all feel that people would want to do that. But there are a few reasons why I would ask you to reconsider; first, this was always about calling everyone to seek an audience with God through prayer on behalf of this little boy. It was never about Justus (other than praying for him). If anything, this has always been about God and us drawing closer to Him.Secondly, we are overwhelmed with the love and support you all have shown our family and I’m blown away by the kind words about these updates. At the same time, those of you that know us, know we are just an ordinary family; and for some reason God chose at this particular moment in time to carry a much needed message using a sick boy as the catalyst. The way this message has resonated and grown indicates this is a God thing. I want to make sure we never lose sight of the true author and the story He’s writing.And finally, I have to protect Alyse and Jason. They are super kind and generous people who are trying to survive a horrific storm in their lives. We are encouraging them to grab as much rest and restoration throughout the day as possible. What time they have left, they try to spend with their little 2-year-old daughter whose life has also been greatly impacted by her brother’s illness. If someone comes, they are going to want to visit and talk. We have a lot of family and long time friends that are supporting us up close and honestly I think the principle is getting ready to haul Kelli and I back into the office because of how full we have kept the waiting room. Again, I hope that doesn’t come off arrogant, ungrateful or mean spirited. We so love all of you and your support of our family. We understand grace because we are experiencing it with this community that has gathered online around us. Thank you so much for praying for us. Please don’t stop! Justus needs you to pray. But honestly, God is calling you to pray even more! So don’t stop!!!God is able. God is Good. The moon is round, although tonight driving home it was a really cool crescent shape. I can’t wait till the morning sunrise when I can experience God’s mercies anew!