Day 17 – post #3

I know many of ‪#‎TeamJustus‬ were praying for his MRI this morning and followed the pictures of him heading to and from the actual appointment. It was impressive to watch the team of medical staff work so diligently and deliberately to prepare him to be transported and to handle the actual MRI. For those that know nothing about an MRI, the first thing you need to know is it’s a gigantic and powerful magnet. So nothing metal can go into the machine. The problem is Justus is hooked up to all sorts of machines and gadgets. In his room there is metal everywhere. So they had to transfer him to MRI compatible machines. Because he’s on a ventilator, he had to be hooked up to a portable ventilator. In order to make sure he stays comfortable they had to adjust his medications. All of that took over an hour and we hadn’t even left the room. But without doing that he wouldn’t survive the transport to the MRI machine. But his team of doctors and nurses did a great job of preparing him, transporting him to and from, and carrying out the actual MRI. We were very thankful for the unique way God has gifted each one of them. The transport as well as the actual MRI went off without a hitch.

Before I share what we found out after the MRI can I share something the Lord really impressed upon me last night. I had a real sense after talking to the doctor last night that Justus was going to do fine overnight and be ready for this MRI. I also had a great peace about the MRI itself and consequently what those results would tell us. I have loved the array of verses and quotes you all have been sending… fantastic. One of them I particularly like is, “Never doubt in the darkness, what God has shown you in the light.” As I was considering today and what we were potentially facing, I thought of a different quote, “Don’t abandon in the light, what got you through the dark.” Don’t get me wrong. We aren’t out of the woods yet. Assuming he does come through this, we have no idea what if any long-term effects might occur. As I thought about some of those early days in the PICU, I remember thinking the doctors have done what they can and now it is in God’s hand. The verse we wear on our wrists is Exodus 14:14 ~ The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still”. In the dark, we trusted God to heal; we acknowledged God as the great physician. Now as we begin to climb back into the light it’s easy to relax and begin assigning credit to everyone else.

God clearly works through these medical professionals. I hope someday you can meet Dr. Bob. He’s brilliant. In fact God used him to save Justus’ life. But at the end of the day we trust God. So if these dark days are going to give way to the light, may we never forget who brought us through. I’ve said since the beginning; there is no way this is all about Justus. I can’t begin to express the gratitude we have for the thousands who have lifted up Justus’ life to the throne of God. We are so grateful for how God has used Justus’ story to spark a fire in so many. I’ve received so many texts and messages and comments of testimony from you all. So many of us have spent more time praying these past two weeks than ever before, and that’s a good thing! God is on the move and we’ve been privileged to be a small part of it. But I know God didn’t mean for this to be a 2-week flash and then poof it’s over. This journey we began 17 days ago was never orchestrated by man. I couldn’t have scripted this if I had tried. Yet here we are, witnesses to God’s powerful hand. Let me plant the seed now. Don’t abandon in the light, what got you through the dark. We desperately needed God in our darkest hour… the truth is we need God in our brightest ordinary, daily moments as well.

As I mentioned we aren’t out of the woods. But the report from the MRI was good. In fact it was very good if you take into account that it wasn’t bad. The swelling isn’t getting worse (it still isn’t getting better) and they no longer are afraid of swelling causing the numbers (blood pressure and heart rate) to be off. Which also means they can now begin trying to lift the pentobarbital coma. Now they immediate prayer is for his brain to handle being woken up. Pray that the irritation doesn’t cause any seizure activity. And long term pray that full function returns to Justus from his brain. They continue watching his blood pressure. They would like it to go down, but at the very least to stay under 160. And finally would you pray for our on site team. Tomorrow is Monday and people have to begin returning to work. We are committed to support Alyse and Jason through to the end. But we need to be wise in how we accomplish that.

Thanks again for praying with us. God answers prayer and he’s been answering a lot of prayers. Remember we have the #TeamJustus wristbands available for free – you just have to pay shipping. Go Please keep praying. God is able. God is good. #TeamJustus.