Day 13 – post #2 – Introducing “The Moon is Round”

#TeamJustus thank-you for praying. Yesterday was such a hard and exhausting day. Today was a day where we took a deep breath and reset. Are we resetting for another crisis? No way to know. We trust God for the future and we trust God for today. Last night I literally fell asleep standing up writing this update. Tonight I feel rested and awake. Yesterday I was startled awake by an urgent phone call. Today I slept until my alarm when off (albeit 5 hours after going to bed… but who’s counting). Yesterday I had to post an emergency prayer request of you. Today, I was able to take my time in crafting an update to send. Two totally different days, with different circumstances and a different feel. But I’m reminded at these times; God is the same. God didn’t change yesterday. God didn’t change today.

As I spent several hours this morning with Justus, whispering to him, kissing him, praying over him, and just plain staring at him, I had to fight all the same doubts about the future. And I land back in the same place. I choose to trust God. It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings. I first heard this through the song written by my friend Allen Levi. The name of the song is, “The Moon is Round”. The point is really simple. Tonight’s moon phase is called Waning Crescent. If you checked the sky right now some of you would see a moon that looks like the very tip of a fingernail. But some of you would look up and all you would see are clouds. Of course on August 14th, no matter where you live, there will be nothing in the sky. And of course on August 29th, some of you will be treated to an incredible full moon (I hope you’ll think of Justus). But we all know the truth. No matter what you see up in the sky – the moon is round! So yesterday, as hard as it was; God was God. And today as we rested and recharged; God was God.

God is unchanging… regardless of how things unfold with Justus. I don’t get to characterize God as bad when my life suffers and then say God is good when I prosper. God is always the same. The moon is round. The moon for me has become a gentle reminder that I can trust God; because God is God. Tonight we continue to pray for Justus to be healed. Specifically we want his eyes to stay symmetrical and the brain swelling to go away. In addition and somewhat related, we are praying for the swelling in his face to go down. The combination of his surgery and the amount of fluid he has being pumped into his body has caused a great deal of swelling. It actually is making it hard for them to look into his eyes. Please pray for the medical staff. Everyone is stumped as to what this is and what to do. We know God isn’t troubled by this case. But, we’re praying that as they reach out to other hospitals and other doctors for ideas, that something would surface. For now they will keep him in his coma and watch. And hopefully we will rest, because the Moon is Round.

Tonight – I wanted to share a little treat with you. This is something one of my kids wrote as she sat up with her nephew during one of her shifts. I hope you enjoy it. And I wanted to let you know because I keep having people ask about helping out this sweet family. There is a GoFundMe account set up. Given the length of his hospital stay and the unknown future, we’ve upped the amount in order to reflect more accurately the need. Here is the link: . Thanks for the many ways you have supported our family – the greatest of those being prayer!


I’m not the writer my dad is and I’m certainly not as theologically impressive. While he has done a perfect job portraying to all of you our gratitude, I wanted to take a chance and let you hear from another one of the onsite #TeamJustus crew. I’m Jordan. I’m #4 of the 11 kids. 25 years old. When Justus was 18mo I moved to Nashville to nanny him while Alyse was in school. He’s my baby. I was there when he learned colors, songs, verses and so much more. When they brought up brain damage my first thought was okay, teach him how to do everything again, we’ve done that once we can do it again.

When I found out about everything going on I was in Canada at a Younglife camp called Malibu. As soon as I was back in range, I turned my phone on to find my nephew had a hashtag and way more followers than I could’ve imagined. The word that comes to mind when I think of the multitude of people praying for our boy is peace. I often struggle with helplessness. I’m the get-er-done type. I want to do. I can’t do here. Only God can. The most I can do is pray and keep those praying updated.

It’s interesting I started writing this at 3 am August 11th. Things were looking okay. Since then, our boy has been taken into emergency surgery and had a cranial flap. I’m still helpless, so I pray.

My parents implemented an age hierarchy with us kids. When there is someone older than us in the house, the responsibility falls mostly on them. For this reason, this whole thing has been really interesting from my perspective, as a sister of Alyse. Alyse has been our rock. It takes a really special person to be the oldest of our bunch. She has been incredible. She has wisdom like no one I’ve ever seen. She is extremely intelligent and knows how to use her intelligence to spread knowledge. And she leans not on her own understanding, but instead her trust is in the Lord. None of us have really done this for her, been her support, her rock. Your prayers through this, for Justus, for my sister and brother and my sweet niece, have made the difference. There may be ten of us, but it is taking all ten to do what Alyse does alone for us on a regular basis. We are not equipped except through the Holy Spirit and your prayers. We can support them because of you. Thank you for your support, for your outpouring of love and prayer, and your generosity. We would not be able to do this without you. This is the way God intended his body to be. This is what that feels like. I know that now. May the Lord’s blessing be upon you for joining our family and sweet boy in this fight. #TeamJustus #TeamBodyOfChrist