Day 12 – post #2

I only have time and energy for a very short update. It was an exhausting day. After a very difficult and challenging start, Justus had a pretty good rest of the day. When I left him he was resting peacefully. However the drug used to induce the coma (pentobarbital) was increased in an attempt to put the brain to sleep even more.

But the key now is in the swelling. It’s ultimately what forced them to operate. If the swelling continues there aren’t a lot of great options to choose from. If the swelling has peaked and begins to subside, then we can be super optimistic. The kicker is, there isn’t anything they can do to speed up the process – so we wait. And that made it a hard day. You couldn’t help but get the feeling we were just waiting for another crisis. I think they call it getting “gun shy!’

But there were no crisis and now we pray for a good night’s rest for everyone. Tomorrow is another sunrise! And thanks so much for the sunrise pictures. Super uplifting! Please pray that all of Justus’ vitals remain strong. I will share more details tomorrow. We love you and I bid you good-night.