Day 12 – post #1

#TeamJustus thank-you again for answering the call to pray!!! This may seem like a strange way to start an update but I wanted to express a thought about these posts. I want you to know I don’t write these updates under any sort of compulsion to do so. I certainly have a sense of God’s leading in this and as I’ve shared the longer this has gone on the more of a healthy burden I feel for this online relationship we have. I guess what I’m saying is, I know my first responsibility is to the Lord, then to my wife and family, and then and only then to all of you who have so graciously been following and praying fervently on his behalf. It brings me to tears when I consider what a sweet gift that is.

I say that because I want you to know that I know, I don’t owe anyone an explanation, but I’m choosing to explain this morning and the reason for the sudden prayer request with no explanation. After the bolt was put in last night the neurosurgeon felt pretty confident things should be good as they monitor his pressure. #TeamJustus sprung into action and began covering our shifts which meant Kelli and I needed to get a couple of hours of sleep to be ready for the 6:30 shift.

We were awakened by a phone call at 5:24am. They were prepping Justus for an operation. The pressure they were measuring had built up and was dangerously high. They needed to relieve the pressure by removing a piece of his skull. Our hearts stopped, but we knew we needed to function. We jumped up and quickly threw on some clothes and rushed to the hospital. We were in the room at 6:05 in time to give Justus a kiss, hug his parents and say a quick prayer. Then we had to stay in the room while they took him to the O.R. I won’t describe the scene other than to say it was an excruciating moment for everyone. Which is where you all came in.

I knew God had brought us on this journey for a reason – prayer. I wanted you praying for Justus and his parents (not to mention the rest of us). But I didn’t want to turn this into a blow-by-blow commentary – that wouldn’t have felt honoring to Justus or to his parents and besides that was never the intention. Remember, I know I don’t owe an explanation, but I wanted you all to know that was the reason for a very generic prayer requests. God knew what you were praying for – you didn’t. So thanks for praying without questioning why!

Justus is now out of surgery and the surgery went very well. I’m not going to pretend this isn’t a serious development; it is. But they needed to do surgery to relieve the swelling and the surgery was successful in doing that. BUT, the infection that caused the swelling clearly hasn’t stopped and if it continues, then it will eventually be too much. So the doctors literally have done all they can do. Now we wait and beg the Lord to stop the infection. As I said last night, we are fasting and praying today for our Justus. We are inviting you to join us if you wish. I’m worried about my grandson. I want so desperately to have more years to play with him. I’m worried about my daughter and her husband. So I’m praying… fervently… unceasingly.

And I need to say one more thing. As I was pacing back and forth, right over the spot where moments before Justus bed sat, the Lord gave me a word for all of you. Please take this and see if it affirms something you already sense yourself. I know you are going to be praying with us today and I hope some of you feel like fasting with us as well, but as you are lifting up Justus, Jason, and Alyse I think God wants you to ask Him about you. Ask the Lord what he has for you in all of this.

So today if you are praying – believe God for a miracle. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God can heal my grandson. Will He? Only God knows! We’ll let God be God… but I’m asking all of you to join us in doing what we are called to do; to pray and believe that God can perform a miracle and heal Justus. God is able and God is good!