Day 110-58 ~ T-7 and counting… Pray… It’s What You Do!

Have you all seen the Geico commercial with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell? It’s the one where Peter comes flying into his high school reunion to join his old classmates. But of course Peter Pan doesn’t age and his friends are now in their 70’s. Peter flies around and does what Peter Pan does. The punch line to the commercial is, “If you’re Peter Pan, you stay young forever. It’s what you do.” I think about that in the context of our journey here in life and specifically with #TeamJustus.

Philippians 2 says this ~ “Jesus has always been as God is. But He did not hold to His rights as God. He put aside everything that belonged to Him and made Himself the same as a servant who is owned by someone. He became human by being born as a man.”

I love this verse because if Geico was using God to make this commercial the punch line would be, “If you’re God, you’re all powerful and all knowing. It’s what you do.” But Jesus turns that on it’s head and instead humbles himself and becomes a servant. Earlier in verse 3 it says:

Nothing should be done because of pride or thinking about yourself. Think of other people as more important than yourself. Do not always be thinking about your own plans only. Be happy to know what other people are doing.

Whether you realize it or not, that’s what you’ve done as #TeamJustus. You have thought of this little boy above yourself. I realize you didn’t agree to die on a cross, but in the last couple of days several of you have made it a point to reach out to me. Over and over again I’ve heard the phrase, “I don’t know you or your family, but…” I hope you will take notice of what you are doing. You are living out a Godly principle, maybe it’s just a start for some of you, but it is a start.

I would encourage all of us to continue to live our lives this way. Let’s continue to humble ourselves and think of other people as more important than ourselves. That’s the way to live our life! If you’re married begin with your spouse… treat your husband or wife as more important that you! If you have kids then extend that principle to your kids. And then of course keep the love flowing and consider the other people in your life as important! You might be asking, but what does that mean? Well, to begin with, it means like #TeamJustus… pray for them. Pray for the needs being posted on #TeamJustus… pray for your family… pray for your friends… and please keep praying for our little warrior.

IMG_7987 IMG_7986

As you can see by the pictures, nothing has slowed down in preparation for his discharge. He’s working harder than ever! These shots cover it all… mouth, taste, stairs, balls, choice, blocks! I guess when you’re a little ninja you work hard… it’s what you do!


I know we’ve talked about this, but prayer gets our perspective of God correct; there is a God and it’s not us. But prayer also helps us with our perspective of other people; we are to think more highly of others than of ourselves. Peter Pan would say that’s ridiculous. You need to be you and claim all that comes with that. I guess maybe that makes sense when you’re talking about car insurance… but if you want to fulfill the calling God has placed on your life, then I would suggest you consider the model Jesus gave us in Philippians 2. Except for maybe this one exception! When you’re #TeamJustus you pray. It’s what you do! Go and be #TeamJustus. And join me as we continue the countdown… 10… 9… 8… 7!