Day 108-56 ~ 9 and Counting

So much has happened even since I wrote Day 107 post . First I want to say thank-you for all of your gracious and kind words about the news I shared last night. I remember back in the early days of our storm talking about God’s economy as it pertains to blessings. You see, sometimes we can find ourselves unconsciously worried when someone else gets blessed, because we think that means there’s less blessing left for me. Of course the premise is that God has a limited amount of blessing available to Him, which is absolutely ridiculous. God is sovereign and can do whatever He wants to do, and more to the point He can do as much as He wants!

I share all of that, because I still have to fight that feeling when I share good news about Justus. Clearly from your comments, many, perhaps most of you, have never experienced a storm to the degree we have. But I also know some of you have gone through even rougher waters than our little Justus. I also am aware some of you are still in a crisis. So I do worry that our good news might not be received by all of you as good news… I get it! I also know as we have been saying since day 1… God is able and God is good!

And while we may never understand why God does what He does or doesn’t do what He doesn’t do, we can trust that He is a good God and we can trust that He is a God with unlimited resources. So even now as I wonder why Justus still can’t swallow and he still can’t talk, I know it ISN’T because God’s reservoir of blessings is running dry. Instead I trust that a Sovereign God is in control whether I understand or not. If you are in the middle of a storm, we want to pray for you, and I hope you can trust God too.

Justus is back at Randall after having a really great day at home. The picture gives you a little glimpse at how much Amaya misses having her big brother at home with her. In addition to all the prayers for Justus’ needs (swallowing, speaking, eating etc.), please remember Amaya. She’s two years old and certainly doesn’t understand exactly why all the fuss over Justus. Please pray for God to protect their relationship during this challenging season of life.

I have to give one huge shout out!!! Heroes in a Halfshell Fundraiser was a huge success. Devina and her team (I won’t name them all for fear of missing someone) were amazing. I can tell you our family was blown away and humbled. We weren’t sure what to expect… I just know that what happened, wasn’t what we expected. It far surpassed anything we imagined ahead of time. So for all of you that took part, on behalf of Jason, Alyse, Justus, Amaya and the rest of our family… from the bottom of our hearts… thank-you! The fundraising portion was a huge success raising $4,000 and a bunch of gifts for the kids, but beyond that, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a group of fundraisers have so much fun. So to the entire Mixxedfit community… thank-you!

We are now at 9 days and counting until Justus heads home for good. What a journey it’s been. Unless God chooses to do it differently we know his rehabilitation therapy will be a long road. But we have been so blessed by the #TeamJustus community and all the prayers. I know Justus is going to continue to work hard and we are going to continue to pray for and believe in a complete healing. Which is why I’m so grateful for God’s economy. After all the blessings we’ve received, if it wasn’t God, I’m sure the blessing well would be dry. But as we all know at #TeamJustus, no matter how much blessing God pours out, no matter how stormy the waters we find ourselves in… the moon is always round! So here we go… 10… 9…