Day 107-55 The Countdown Begins

As you might have guessed by the title of today’s update, we have been given a discharge date for Justus. Our little ninja will head home for good on Tuesday, November 24th. So the countdown begins… 10 days and counting!

There was a time we were begging for this day to be a possibility. Even after he was out of the woods and it was clear he was going to make it, we had a hard time imagining our warrior not hooked up to machines and being poked and prodded. And yet, here we are just 10 days from heading home! As I’ve mentioned before Alyse and Jason are both excited and a little nervous at the impending trip home.

For me, it’s given me to cause to think a lot about these last 107 days. What a journey it has been. I’ve often wondered about these posts and what the Lord would have me do with them. I’ve always felt He would make it clear. After all, when this started it was only meant to disseminate information to family and close friends. We’ve always felt like #TeamJustus was a God thing. He has used this community in profound ways. It has been a huge encouragement to our family and, if I am to believe all that you have been sharing in your comments, God has used it as inspiration for many of you.

But we’ve talked often about “normal” and what the family’s new normal might look like. As I have prayed about this and talked with friends I was reminded the heart of #TeamJustus. Throughout this journey we’ve wanted to encourage the family, to encourage all of you, but especially to inform everyone how best to pray for our little warrior. We have also lived in the tension of sharing enough so you’d know how to pray but making sure we always honored the Nikolaos. The last thing I ever wanted was for them to feel like a reality TV show.

So in the name of honoring them and allowing them an opportunity to return to “normal”, my last daily post will be on Thanksgiving. I’m still praying and talking to Alyse and Jason about periodically updating everyone on Justus’ progress. Obviously many of you are personally invested in his life and have certainly earned the right to know how he is doing. I’m also sensing that God wants me to continue to encourage and teach about journeying through a storm. I just don’t know what that will look like. Obviously Kelli and I will continue to serve marriages and parents through Axis Ministries. We’ll keep seeking the Lord for what that should look like.

For now, I can tell you Justus got another one-day pass to go home. The picture is him at home with some of his cousins. We are still asking for prayer for his mouth and jaw. Thanks again for all of your prayers. For some it might come as a relief these long posts are ending, but I know for many of you it will feel almost like a divorce (at least that’s how I’m feeling). They say 21 days makes a habit… so what does 107 days make? Please pray for me as I consider what, if anything I should do after Thanksgiving. All I know is I’m not supposed to keep doing daily updates on Justus. So for now… countdown with me… 10…

One thought on “Day 107-55 The Countdown Begins

  1. I am an old friend of Lina Thompsons from young life Florida. I have been following your posts every day and I just want to say thank you. Just last night before I had read this latest post I told my husband that I was looking forward to a year from now or three years from now so I could see how Justus has progressed. I totally understand there needs to be a time for you to stop posting every day. I do pray however that you can provide some updates twice a year or so so we can continue to know how to pray for your family. Thank you so much for the time you have taken to change the lives of so many. God bless you and your wonderful family.

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