Day 103-51 All Things Work Together for Good

So I couldn’t help myself with tonight’s picture. My favorite girl with my favorite boy (sorry to my kids, but it is my grandson!) – I saw this picture today and knew it was the one for me to use. Well if last night’s picture spoke a thousand words, then I don’t know what number I’d assign to this one. I see him happy in Grammy’s arms! Kelli was able to be with Justus the last couple of days. Today she was with Amaya while Jason attended this week’s family meeting with the entire medical team at Randall.

As you can imagine, the whole team is very happy with Justus’ progress. It looks like he will be going home sometime in the next couple of weeks. They are committing to focus a lot of effort on his mouth… getting his jaw to relax, working on his ability to swallow, etc. So please pray that if indeed he is going home, that these last days will be fruitful. Obviously it doesn’t mean he’s finished with rehab, but certainly the intense all-day schedule he’s been on, will change.

It’s hard to even imagine after counting up to now 103 days that it might be time to begin counting down the time left in the hospital. I feel a little like we did on Day 31  as we prepared for the move out of the Pediatric ICU up to the 10th floor. We all know it’s time, but Justus has been in the hospital almost twice as long as he lived in the house he’s moving back to. Remember, they just moved to Portland on June 1st; he went to Doernbecher on July 31st.

My life verse is Romans 8:28. Through 103 days of updates, I really avoided using my favorite verse. Here’s what it says:

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

I avoided not because I didn’t believe it, after all it’s my life verse, but it is one of those verses that can sound trite if we’re not careful. When someone is in the eye of the storm, it’s hard to hear someone say, “All things work together for good.” Obviously with the right relationship and with the right tone it can be said, but you need to be careful. Now with the worst of the storm in the rear view mirror, this verse becomes a road map ahead.

It doesn’t say God caused Justus to get sick… what is says is that God is going to use all that has happened for good. Obviously we’ve seen that already. Lives encouraged, faith strengthened, relationships restored, spiritual journeys begun, and prayer lives resurrected. But God is an awesome God! And you ain’t seen nothing yet! First there is the ripple effect. If you’ve been touched by Justus’ journey or one of the other #TeamJustus prayers, then God wants to use you for good… somewhere… somehow. Second, I’ve been so encouraged as I’ve read many of your prayers for Justus to continue to get better… to one day sing God’s praises again. Oh what a glorious day that will be.

Will God allow Justus to be used that way? Only He knows for sure. But Romans 8:28 sure makes me think that just maybe, God has something else up His sleeve. So, while this 100+ day journey seems to be nearing the end, the adventure yet to come is approaching. So pray for these next couple of weeks, for wisdom for the medical team, and for Justus’ mouth to wake up. After all, God might be able to use that mouth in the next adventure He has planned for our little warrior!