Day 101-49 – What is Normal

My plan was to write you a short post about a pretty “normal” day for the Nikolaos. But then I looked up the definition of “normal” and saw this…

conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural.

When I saw the word conforming, I immediately understood why we’ve been calling it the “new” normal. The word conforming suggests the idea of complying and I’d say Justus has refused to “comply” since this journey began. First when his encephalitis got worse than “normal” ( later as the miracle of his journey defied the expected “normal” path he was on. So, I’m not sure what word to use when describing Justus’ day. But as you can see by the picture… his look is anything but normal!

He did have a great day at home. He’s now back at the hospital, but not before really enjoying some time back in his neighborhood. He continues to be driven to walk and to move. He’s doesn’t want to just sit around. Whether he understands the need to keep working or whether he just has too much energy, this much is clear – his “normal” is to move!

So please keep praying for his progress and please pray for the other needs that have come up with #TeamJustus. I will update the prayer page ( tomorrow, but in the meantime, please ask the Lord to put on your heart the requests He’d like you to pray for. Remember, you aren’t informing Him of anything. You’re simply being obedient, getting right perspective with God, and making your requests known. The beauty is if you will earnestly pray for these needs, it will grow and change you!

What a concept… a real illustration of God’s economy. We pray because we think we are doing something wonderful for someone else (which we are – did I ever say thank-you for all the praying you’ve done for Justus? J), God hears and answers those prayers, and then God uses those prayers to grow and change you! What a deal. That’s how God works. It’s been said… you can’t out give God! It’s absolutely true in the area of prayer.

So as you consider #TeamJustus, I hope your new “normal” includes a routine of daily prayer. I hope so for Justus’ sake. I hope so for the other requests on #TeamJustus. And I hope so for your sake. May God bless you and change you as you obediently bring these needs before the throne of grace. We love you and we appreciate you! The moon is round!