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David and Kelli

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14 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello David & Kelli,

    Just a quick note to let you know that we continue to pray for you, for Justus, and the entire family. We greatly appreciate all the updates you have so faithfully sent to all of us who are following along and praying .

    I’d also like to say that we really appreciated the way you came and taught our church about parenting, marriage, and raising children. The time you spent with us was hugely beneficial and we look forward to receiving more in the future.

    On that note, we would like to send you a small gift but don’t have an address where we can send it? Would you be able to provide that for us? Thanks!

    We will continue to pray for Justus (and his parents and the entire family) and look forward to more updates on how he continues to progress.

    We love you all!!

    In Him,

    All of us at New Community Church of Tacoma

    • To our brothers and sisters at New Community Church of Tacoma,

      Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support of our grandson. It means the world to us. Thanks so much for your graciousness in excusing us from our commitment to speak at your church. While we know you understand the reasoning, it was still sad for us to have to stop half way through. We look forward to finishing what we began. Please don’t worry about giving us anything. We’ll worry about that when we are able to come back and do the whole conference. Thanks again! We love you and look forward to being with you again soon.

      David & Kelli

  2. A friend of ours told us about your journey and your website. Our family will be praying for yours as our daughter Abigail (age 6) was diagnosed with viral encephalitis in September 2015. We are home now and it looks as if your little guy has many more complications than our Abigail – but we do understand at least part of the journey – seizures, etc. Just wanted you to know that we will be praying for your family and following your journey. Tell Justus that Abigail has a similar helmet but his has cooler stickers 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement and we are so thankful that Abigail is home and on the way to a full recovery. Blessings on your family

  3. My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is 43 years old. She has in the past month had a mastectomy and is currently beginning chemo treatment for it. I have set up a go fund me account to help her and husband out since neither are working. I am asking for prayers to this family during their storm for strength, peace, healing. I thank you so very much for all of your inspiration. I feel that I have some on my side during my recent times of troubles within our family. I know with you and god on my side, we will prevail, be strong, and find peace in our hearts.
    Thank you so very much

    • Oh Julina,
      We are praying for your daughter. Send us the gofundme link and we’ll post it with the request. God is able and God is good.

  4. Hi David & Kelly,
    So thrilled to see your sweet grandson’s progress!
    On another note, do you have any seminars scheduled in the Tacoma area on parenting teenagers??
    We have a 16 yr old who is challenging us regarding the rules around his cell phone use. He feels that they are unfair and I have told him that we could have a family meeting about it and he could let us know what he thinks is unfair and present his case. Can you share a little bit about your family’s cell phone rules?
    My problem stems from him thinking he needs to have it on him at all times, from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed, even during homework. Thanks so much!

    • Hey Lisa,
      Sorry for the delay in responding. We’re trying to figure out a good system to not let these comments slip through the cracks. First, I wanted to let you know that we are trying to plan something in Tacoma area in the near future. We’ll let everyone know as soon as we figure it out. When our grandson went into the hospital we cancelled all of our speaking engagements and are just now working on putting some together again.

      As far as your question regarding the 16 year old – we’re going to go ahead an take that on as a podcast question this month, so look for that. Thanks so much for writing to us. Please keep in touch.

      David & Kelli

  5. Hi! Our life group wants to dive into a marriage study!

    We heard you speak on parenting at Summit Church in Orlando, FL back in 2010 and even though we’ve moved since then (not far, to Clermont, FL) you’ve left an impression on us all these years since. I came to your website in search of a study and came across your top 10 guide, but the link must be broken. I entered my email and name and a Thank You screen came up, but then nothing.

    If you’ve got time, could you send me some recommendations? I’d be so grateful!

    Thanks so much and I hope you’re well!

    (PS – the church we now call home, and who are life group is associated with, is The Church at South Lake, absolutely love it there!)

    • Thanks Liz for your message. We loved our visits to Summit, in fact we’re overdue to get back down there again! I’m sorry about the mix up, I have someone looking into it (I’m not much help on these things). But I did want to send you the correct link so you can download the free guide. If we plan a trip down to Florida to speak we’ll have to see if we can’t work out something with your church as well. Great hearing from you. Here is that LINK.

  6. Hi David and Kelli,

    I am trying to finish viewing video 2 on raising successful children (I statrted last week but had to stop before the end.) Now it says that it can’t show the video because of its privacy settings. Can you please help? Thanks!

    • Crystal, I’m so sorry, we used those videos as promotion for the launch of our paid product, How to Raise Kids That Thrive in School. We wish that we could just give everything away, which we do with most of our stuff, but part of how we are going to be able to keep doing what we do is through our paid courses. Raising Successful Children is part of our paid course. We don’t solicit people for donations. Why don’t you PM me and I will figure out how we can help support you… we want to help.

  7. Wondering if your podcast has changed names or if it isn’t happening anymore? Been listening to some older episodes that have been great but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing new episodes…thanks!


    • Carrie, thanks so much for the question. Yes, we are starting a new podcast. Embarrassingly, it has taken us a lot longer to get our new podcast launched. We are truly in the final stages and plan to launch it very soon. We just learned some things that would make the podcast better and we can’t wait for you to experience. It’s called “The Parent Mentor”. It’s part of a weekly email designed to really impact your parenting. It’s free and here’s the link to sign up for it. The Parent Mentor.