The Parent Mentor: Episode 008 – Scott & Jamie Lisea

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Parenting Tip of the Week: 3 Magic Words This week’s tip is a phrase we’ve learned along the way that can turn a confrontation into a conversation. So often as parents we find ourselves frustrated or at least concerned about something our child has done. This is especially effective when your kids reach the coaching […]

The Parent Mentor: Episode 007 – Caroline Kusin Pritchard

A Parent's Source for Weekly Mentoring

Parenting Tip of the Week: Study Table! This week’s tip may seem obvious to some of you, but it was a game changer for our home and many others that we have encouraged to do the same thing. Often times families leave study time/place to the discretion of their children. We found that creating a […]

The Parent Mentor: Episode 006 – Goal Setting & Your Kids

A Parent's Source for Weekly Mentoring

 Parenting Tip of the Week: Teach Your Kids to Goal Set!   Plan to do a goal setting session with your kids. We’ve done ours as part of the New Year’s celebration, but you can choose a time that is good for your family. Goal setting is a great habit to teach your kids and […]

The Parent Mentor: Episode 002 – Don & Renee Worcester

A Parent's Source for Weekly Mentoring

  Parenting Tip of the Week: Intentionally give your child three affirmations for every correction. Have you corrected your child for something today, then intentionally look for three things you can affirm in them today. The truth is, more than three is better, but commit to at least three. Don’t simply sandwich the correction with […]

The Parent Mentor: Episode 001 – Trivinia Barber

A Parent's Source for Weekly Mentoring

Dani’s Digs ~ Parenting Product of the Week: Parents!! Is putting your kids in their high chair to eat their meals throughout the day your chance to have five seconds to yourself or to go to the bathroom?! But all too often even that five minutes is interrupted by your kids throwing their plate on […]

PWTG Episode 037: The 8 Things to Remember When You Talk to Your Kids About Traumatic events

What should you do when tramatic events take place? Whether those events happen in our home (a sick child, a car accident) or we hear about them on the news (9-11 or Orlando, Florida); it’s hard to know what or how much we should  tell our children. After all, we want to help them process […]

PWTG Episode 036: Interview with Rick and Leanne Noren

Head Coach - St. Martin's Women's Fastpitch

In this episode of Parenting with Truth and Grace we interview Rick and Leanne Noren. Rick is the Assistant Athletic Director and Head Softball Coach at Saint Martin’s University where he is assisted by none other than Leanne Noren! They have worked together for over 15 years at the collegiate and club level. You can listen to […]