We went to see Beauty and the Beast and why we’re planning to take our kids too!

This isn’t intended to be political or controversial or even edgy… but after going to watch Beauty and the Beast with my “Beauty” (and yes that makes me the beast!), I just had to write something. Maybe you too have heard rumblings of controversy for Christians surrounding this Disney classic. Kelli and I talked a […]

Why Parents Need to Stop Focusing on Self-Esteem

It’s the most natural thing in the world to do… to lavish praise on your child. To be sure, as their parents, it’s important to affirm our kids. But, did you know that the research has revealed fatal flaws in the whole “Self-Esteem Movement”. We talk about this in our just released Video “3 Things YOU can […]

What would make 2017 an amazing year for your family?

As our family grew and our kids got older that question, and certainly the answer to that question, looked a little different year to year. About ten years ago, our pastor, Dr. Jim Kennington preached a sermon on the importance of setting goals. I remember thinking at the time that it was a strange topic […]