Why Parents Need to Stop Focusing on Self-Esteem

It’s the most natural thing in the world to do… to lavish praise on your child. To be sure, as their parents, it’s important to affirm our kids. But, did you know that the research has revealed fatal flaws in the whole “Self-Esteem Movement”. We talk about this in our just released Video “3 Things YOU can […]

How to Raise Successful Kids

Every parent wants their child to be successful. The question is, what do we even mean when we say successful? What if I told you that regardless of how you define success, there is one indicator… one factor that sticks out above the rest for predicting success? Would you want to know what that indicator […]

5 Days to Effective Parenting

We recently listened to a business consultant describe a phenomenon he sees in the business world a lot. An entrepreneur will create a product, an author will write a book, or an expert will create a learning course… and then they put it on the shelf and as he says… “Hope that it sells.” Which […]

Three Tools to Help Make 2017 the Best Year for Your Family!

(and how you can get them for free!)

We’ve been talking about 2017 a lot, but we can’t help it. I just got back from an incredible week visiting my daughter and her family in Nashville (the visit might have something to do with my granddaughter’s birth on November 25th). Then after spending time in Tennessee, two of my sons joined me and […]