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Good Morning Friends!!  

I hope your coffee is hot and you have a moment to sit and think!! This morning I would like to talk about what happens when your son comes of age and how your mothering should change toward him!! Yesterday I attended my son’s fifth grad promotion and my daughter’s eighth grade promotion. At one ceremony there were nineteen girls as compared to four boys recognized for academic achievement. At the other event eleven girls and two boys were honored for their grades. It was a visual reminder of how badly we need young boys to rise up and become Godly young men.

As our boys turn 13 we do a rite of passage.  We use the book “Raising a Modern Day Knight “ as a template.   David and I came up with nine character qualities we wanted our sons to have as a foundation when they enter into manhood.  We invited nine adults who work with us at Young Life camp to speak into our son as he goes through the ropes course. They present the character quality, share the corresponding verse we gave them, and add a personal story or reflection that further illustrates what we are talking about. Lastly, they pray with him before he climbs on to the next station.


Mom’s Weekend with son #2!

At the end of the course, David meets him and proclaims he is no longer a boy but a man….a young man still in need of mentoring… but a man. We will not treat him the same nor will he act the same.  Here is where my mothering had to do a 180-degree turn! You see, if my son was now a man, I needed to begin treating him like one.  Things I would never do to my husband, I now had to stop doing with my son!!

Here’s what that looked like:

  • No more nagging, begging, prompting to get things done. Allow things not to get done that he needs…a hard change for us moms!!
  • Allow natural consequences to do more of the teaching
  • Begin to affirm the things he initiates that will make him a Godly husband/father…”Wow I didn’t even have to ask and you….
  • Teach, then let him do work ie car, yard, home maintenance/repair with much patience and encouragement
  • Point him to his dad with questions, issues and problems that need a father’s guidance without making him feel guilty about this
  • Tell him the ways you believe God is using his gifts and talents to prepare him for his life work.
  • Encourage him to pray about a mentor to meet with on a regular basis… to share, listen and pray for him.
  • Let him begin to talk about girls and what he wants to know from you about how they work…be careful not to rob dad of great talks but rather do good teaching on “this is how that makes us girls feel”
  • Lastly, be a safe place for him to begin to own his own faith journey… questions are good and show he’s thinking how God fits into his life. Ask good questions and be ready to give him good resources for the tough thoughts he’s wresting with.

My desire is to support God in my mothering as He grows my son into that strong, confident, courageous and faithful man. Men are definitely under attack today and single women are having a hard time finding men who are brave enough to commit themselves to a lifetime of marriage and parenting.

Please ask God to help all of us mothers support the work He is doing in our boys!!

Have a great day!!


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  1. Great post, wish we had known about the book! We’ve been doing the same for our two sons. Physical challenge is not appropriate for our disabled son, his big hurdle this summer is surgery in hopes he can walk again. I will pass the idea along to hubby to see if we can modify it some how for him.

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