Adding Triplets

OK – we didn’t actually add triplets, but January of 2012 we did add three kids to our already large family through the miracle of adoption. One year ago we were able to bring them into the United States and their forever home. Below is an excerpt from a blog we posted a year ago about our experience. It was a fun reminder of how blessed we are in the Pritchard home! We’ve added a few current thoughts in parenthesis within the text.

Adoption Moment Feb 2012

On January 31, 2012 the Pritchards became a family with 11 children!! Mesellu, Asefa and Dejen officially became part of our family!! After a twelve hour flight from Washington D.C. to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Monday, January 30 we drove 2 hours to the orphanage in Adama to meet our children. We went to lunch with them, bid them good bye and drove back to Addis to spend the night. Tuesday morning started early with breakfast at our guest house, coffee with Abebe (YWAM’s in country representative), and final court in order to appear before the judge and finalize the adoption. We then drove directly back to the orphanage to pick OUR children and spent the rest of the week with them!!


Timo, Malia, David, and Dejen’s

first trip to Sunnyside Park

 Mesellu. our new daughter,  is the same age as Sina who is 12. She is tall and thin and has looked out for her brothers for a long time. She is shy and seems worried about her lack of formal education. Her favorite color is pink and she wants to work with orphans when she grows up. (Today we call her Malia and she has really come out of her shell!)

Asefa is 10 and his favorite color is green.  He wants to be a driver like his dad when he grows up. He is a great swimmer and the most confident in the water of the three. He likes playing on our phone but loves the legos we brought him and helped with the puzzle when he was sharing the phone with his brother! (He now goes by the name Timo. He has adjusted well to life in our crazy family)

Dejen is 9 and his favorite color is orange. He also wants to be a driver. He is the most active of the three children and loves technology the most. He and Asefa seem more confident in English and trying to learn it. (Dejen continues to go by Dejen! He is the most confident and outgoing of the three. He’s also grown 5 inches this year!!!)


Malia, Kelli, Dejen, and Timo

shortly after getting home in May of 2012

David sums up our trip as pretty perfect as far as traveling across the world with an 11 hour time zone change. We were so blessed by our new friends we have in Ethiopia. Africa, all of sudden, has become near and dear to our hearts. We will be forever changed by this trip and the way that our family has been transformed!

Here is a video of our first time meeting our kids at the orphanage: