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Hey, we’re David & Kelli Pritchard, authors and co-founders of AXIS Ministries. We create products and resources for people who desperately want the marriage or family they dreamed of having. We help them deal with the challenges and struggles of marriage and parenting, while getting more of the fullness and joy of being with the ones they love.

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  • Between us we have over fifty years of ministry experience.
  • We’ve appeared on Focus on the Family’s online radio show
  • We’ve taught and coached thousands of couples and parents to experience the wonder of family.
  • We have successfully raised eleven children
  • And we’ve survived the storms of bad decisions and challenging kids.

So we get it! And we can help.

And when we’re not out speaking or writing or coaching, we’re experiencing the fullness of family. We have four grandchildren, five of our kids have graduated from college, one son is playing college basketball, one son is at West Point, and four school age kids are still at home!!! So we understand the busyness and we understand the joy.

If you’re dying to know more, here are four fun facts about us…

  • In addition to our own kids we have taken in another 24 young people
  • We were blessed to adopt our youngest three kids
  • David played college football for Washington State University (go Cougs!)
  • Kelli graduated from Indiana State University with 2 degrees!
  • David earned a degree in Youth Ministry from Eastern University and served on staff with Young Life for nearly 20 years.
  • Kelli is often referred to by our kids as the FBI investigator because of how many questions she asks when getting to know someone.
  • David is a huge Star Wars fan (in fact he might have taken his daughter out of school to wait in line for the opening day of Phantom Menace… maybe)
  • Kelli was a swimmer in high school – so teaching the kid’s to swim is all on her
  • David often entertains the kids using his Donald Duck voice, which is good enough to have convinced people he used to be the actual voice for Disney
  • Kelli would have kept having babies forever if it had been totally up to her.
  • David is Samoan and was a “Fire Dancer” but has literally passed the torch on to his son

Our faith is what drives our passion for marriage and family. We want you to experience family the way family was meant to be! When you thought about being married, about being a mom or a dad, is what you’re experiencing what you dreamed about? Come find out more about what we have to offer. Click below to get our free guide with a list of our favorite resources for marriage and parenting.


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Are you ready to experience family the way family was meant to be experienced? Then grab our resource guide and join our Axis Family.


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