PWTG Episode 021: Do You Want to be More Effective in Your Disciplining?

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shutterstock_148875131Even if you consider yourself effective, who wouldn’t want to be more effective. In today’s episode David & Kelli share the first 4 of 9 Foundational Truths for effective disciplining. I’ve never built a home before, but I’m told the foundation has to be right or the rest of the building process will be full of trouble. Foundations are meant to be built upon and this foundation is no different. Each child and every new situation will dictate minor adjustments to your parenting plan. But regardless of what technique or tool you choose to employ, these foundational truths will keep you stable in your parenting.

  1. Childish Irresponsibility vs. Willful Defiance – one of the most important single areas for wise discernment is in the area Foundation #1.
  2. Natural consequences – especially as our role moves from director to trainer and we begin to train more and more by word, allowing Natural Consequences to dictate punishment.
  3. Child Specific consequences – It’s not one size fits all. What is punishment to one child is disneyland to the next. It’s important to take into consideration age appropriate consequences. Make sure you click on the yellow button below to download our free resource called “Ages & Life Stages”.
  4. No Sanctuaries – it’s important our kids never feel like there are places where mom and dad won’t discipline me. We call those sanctuaries and perhaps the most infamous sanctuary if of all is the sanctuary. Be willing, for the sake of your children to step into the fray regardless of pride or convenience. That consistency will pay huge dividends in other situations.

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We hope you will listen to the whole podcast as we unpack these four truths some more. Remember next week we will share the final 5 foundational truths for effective disciplining. Watch your inbox for upcoming announcements as we release Volume 3 – titled Effective Disciplining with Grace. It will further unpack this area of discipline. In addition we will have a free Webinar on… you guessed it, discipline coming up in March. Sign up right away so you don’t get left off the webinar. And while you’re at it, please send us your questions. What is the biggest struggle you face in disciplining your child?