5 Days to Effective Parenting

david_and_kelli_pritchard_notebook_1We recently listened to a business consultant describe a phenomenon he sees in the business world a lot. An entrepreneur will create a product, an author will write a book, or an expert will create a learning course… and then they put it on the shelf and as he says… “Hope that it sells.” Which by the way, almost never works.

We liken that to how we can approach parenting. We get educated, we get married, we have a child and we raise them “hoping” they turn out alright. To steal the phrase from the business consultant… it’s hope parenting, which we want to change to EFFECTIVE parenting.

There’s no formula, no guarantees, no one parents perfectly and there are no perfect children! BUT… our parenting does matter and you can parent with confidence and boldness and a sense of purpose for your child. And that’s why we shared 5 live video sessions on becoming an effective parent. 5 nights in a row on Facebook Live!

Here is the link that gives you access to the entire 5 Day Series as well as the FREE workbook.