Day 59-7 – Blood Moon Eclipse

I’m told tonight is the night! No… not for Justus to go home or anything truly amazing. Tonight is the blood moon eclipse. You can Google it if you want to find out more. Some of you have posted pictures. I read a little about it and it’s pretty fascinating. If you are reading this and you’re twenty-four years old, then the next time we experience a blood moon eclipse, Justus will be your age, so these things are pretty rare. I feel like the word rare could describe much of the journey we’ve been on the last 59 days. After all, it’s rare for encephalitis to go the route that Justus’ went. It’s rare to find total strangers showing love and concern for a young boy they don’t know, and it’s even rarer when I consider how faithful so many on #TeamJustus have been to these many (and lengthy) updates. So thank-you for being with us on this journey.

Tonight I want to continue the theme of last night’s post. It was good to be back in church with my family and my church family this morning. Our dear friend Sonya, singing along with our choir, made us cry with a heartfelt version of, “Say Amen”. So many people came up to hug us and bless us and let us know they were praying for us. Several people thanked us for bringing them on this journey, just like many of you have done in your comments on Facebook. But perhaps the clincher and the reason for this particular post was the sermon taken from Genesis 37 and the story of Joseph. The title of the sermon series is, “You’ll Get Through This.” This morning my take away was the 50:20 Principle… taken from Genesis 50:20 –

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people[a] should be kept alive, as they are today.

I don’t think anyone meant Justus’ illness for evil (except maybe satan). But the word translated for meant is taken from a word that means to weave or to build. So if I could take liberty and paraphrase it in context of #TeamJustus (remember I’m not a theologian) it would say this.

What was building to become something bad or awful, God has woven and built it into something for good.

That’s #TeamJustus!!! So it’s me who should be thanking you, for allowing God to take something that could have been just awful, plain and simple. And instead has turned it into a catalyst for something good! In other words, our pain isn’t for naught because of all of you. So thank-you.

Often in the church we call Sunday the day of rest, even though technically that would be Saturday, but that’s a whole other conversation. My point is, that’s an appropriate title for Justus’ day, a day of rest. He doesn’t have all the PT/OT/ST and instead gets to just hang out with the family. So he had a great day. Please continue to pray for those things I mentioned yesterday, especially the surgery date.

But I want you to consider how God might be trying to apply the 50:20 principle in your life. Is something happening in your life that someone meant for evil and God is wanting to weave it into something good. That’s been one of the over riding themes of this whole journey; the moon is round! My prayer is for you to trust a sovereign God with your story. Remember, in all likelihood God’s not causing your story to happen, it’s free will and a fallen world. But would you trust God to take what ever you are going through and use it for good… somehow… someway? Today’s link is to the song “The Moon is Round.” When I originally shared the story of my friend Allen Levi, I told you about his song and the profound meaning behind the title. I listened to it today and wanted to share it with you. You won’t find it on any Christian Top 20 list (although it should be!), but I hope it will minister to you like it has to me. And I hope it will remind you, that God is able and God is good!