Day 54 – 2 – Working hard enough to shake from muscle fatigue!

I know I have almost obsessed over Justus’ PT/OT/ST’s (physical therapy/occupational therapy/speech therapy), but I’m so very impressed with the team assigned to us at Randall. Like Rebecca, Kate & company (from Doernbecher’s), these ladies are so committed and enthusiastic about what they do. Ralph Waldo Emerson was credited with the quote, “Nothing great was ever accomplished withoutenthusiasm.” It’s often used by motivational speakers as rationale for buying into their philosophy. As a former athlete and coach, I can tell you without hesitation that statement is true in the world of sports. I think you will find in the professional world, Emerson’s words continue to be valid, with the addition that enthusiasm isn’t enough, by itself! But as I’ve come across people in my life, the ones who were best at what they did… the ones I would want as my doctor, coach, teacher, lawyer, builder… they were all enthusiastic about what they did. They didn’t all have an enthusiastic personality, but they were all passionate about their profession. In fact, in most cases, they saw it as their life’s calling. For some reason, it seems that PT/OT/ST attract people like that.

It was another day of hard work for our little man. They said he’d have to go through the whole learning progression. He’ll have to learn how to sit up, to stand, to walk and then eventually to run. They really worked him hard. In fact at one point, his occupational therapist said, “One more ball, then we’ll rest.” She was talking to Justus, encouraging him to work hard for one more rep, then she’d give him a rest. But she went on, more for all of us than for him, “He’s tired.” We immediately asked her how she knew. We weren’t questioning her (ok… we weren’t questioning her too much!), but we wanted to know how a boy who can’t speak, with his back to her was letting her know he was tired. I loved her answer, “He’s shaking from muscle fatigue!” Oh! So while we are sitting around watching, smiling, thinking how cute this little workout is; he’s working hard enough to cause his muscles to shake from muscle fatigue. Then she shed even more light on the matter. She told us some kids just scream when they are pushed this hard. I hate to say it, but I would be one of THOSE kids! But it gave me even more respect for my little grandson and this next leg of the journey that, while we are here with him, is mostly being shouldered by him. I know he will have his bad days, but today, he was a warrior!

And his fight encourages me in my daily walk. Colossians 3:17 says, “And whatever you do, whether in word or in deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” I know sometimes I get lazy in my “old” age. When I think of discipling others or working on my own journey with God, do I ever work so hard that I’m shaking from muscle fatigue? The answer is rarely, if ever. In fact, I probably do scream when I have to . But, I’ve decided if Justus can work that hard, then so can I! I’m dedicating this year to be more intentional about the goals I’ve set for my life. I’m committing to work harder than ever at those personal disciplines that help me learn to sit up on my own, to stand, to walk, and to eventually run. I know what those things are – working out, reading my bible, prayer time, dates with my wife… but it’s too easy to get lazy and let less important things fill my calendar.

As far as Justus, we had the family meeting with the entire team of folks assigned to his care. It was impressive to see the collection of wisdom, experience, compassion, and grace; all with the sole and common goal of returning Justus to full health; the same thing we’ve been praying for over the last several weeks. There will be some changes for the on site team, but nothing we can’t figure out. Everyone is keeping their eyes on the goal, to help Justus heal as quickly as possible.

I’m smiling thinking about this next thought! I’m looking at my #TeamJustus wristband and realizing it’s getting really busy… it now reminds me to pray for Justus, the moon is round, God’s mercies are new every morning, to pray for all the other people God has put on my heart, and now to work hard in the things God has called me to work on. Oh yeah, and to be enthusiastic about it… like those PT/OT’s God has sent our way.