We Need Your Opinion!

Dear friends,Thanks for being a part of our Pritchard Ministries family. We are so excited about what is happening and we hope you are too. We are continuing to improve our website and resources, and now we are getting ready to launch a parenting podcast. We know how crazy life can be when you are raising children. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and even start to feel guilty about your parenting. We want to help but first we need your help.

Here’s how. Please answer these two questions.

1)  What is the biggest challenge facing you as a parent?
2)  What is one parenting question you would like to see addressed in a podcast?

We would be so grateful for your help. We are looking forward to launching this podcast. We’ll let you know when it is live. We’d love to have you subscribe to it.

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PS – one bonus question if you don’t mind… what parenting guest would you like to hear from on a podcast?


8 thoughts on “We Need Your Opinion!

  1. Tips on teaching self control when kids/toddlers are fussy! Of course we uod love any and all info you guys give but this would be especially helpful.

  2. The biggest challenge we face is time!! Between church commitments and both of us parents working and sports/music for the kids…time seems to slip by, and that’s with us being intentional!
    A question…how do you deal with back talk/sassy attitudes?
    One guest I’d love to have you host-The Wilkins, Jeff and Jen, from The Village Church.

  3. My suggestion would be to have more advice and more articles about parenting in blended families. For the past 13 years it has been extremely difficult for me to establish a mother son relationship with my step son. 1 reason is because throughout these 13 years his mother has been him feel guilty and has pressured him in “being loyal” to her. He has recently admitted this. As you can tell his mother and I do not get along. 2nd reason is that my husband never set the foundation or never reassured his son that it was ok to establish a mother son relationship. My question is what can i do to make a stronger bond? What can we do as a family to make a stronger relationship?

  4. We have 3 kids; an autistic 11 year old boy, a 7 year old girl, and an 18 month boy. Our autistic son has severe behaviors, is nonverbal, but is very smart. Our biggest problem is explaining our life as a family living with autism to our younger kids and why we have to approach our oldest’s bad behavior differently. Also how amid so much stress, do you start mending a critically wounded marriage?

  5. Here are some I run into often with parents in my classroom:

    How do you craft creative consequences that “fit the crime”? What should parents do when they don’t agree on a course of action? (Sometimes this is split families, sometimes not.) How many “activities” are too many? How can we motivate from home a kid who is not trying at school or (elsewhere)? How do we squelch bickering and unhealthy sibling rivalry?

    Excited for these, you guys, whatever the topics!!

  6. I would love to hear tips on how to best respond when a toddler is fussy or continues to ask for something over and over after we have said no. This often happens while driving in the car or in situations where there are not many options to redirect.

    I would also love to hear more about appropriate consequences especially when you are in the training stage with a toddler. We have really tried to be consistent in our discipline and spank for defiance (not childish play) but it feels like most everything seems to be ‘defiance’… like asking her ‘to do’ or ‘not do’ something and she doesn’t do it or says no. So how do you know when to spank? Its hard to be consistent but not feel like you are disciplining all the time or for ‘little’ things– even though technically they are being defiant.

  7. Biggest challenge- getting my kids to finish things in a timely manner, HW, cleaning, even getting ready for anything.
    Podcast- I would love to hear about the above topic. I would also love to address peer pressure
    Guest speaker… no one… I love hearing you!

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