Day 69-17 – Feeding Our Spiritual Appetite

Justus continues to work hard, getting stronger and showing improvement. He is still struggling with mouth stuff (not the technical term) managing his secretions and coughing. He’s still not really able to open his mouth much, which of course will be necessary if he wants to eat and talk. The most exciting progress has been […]

PWTG Episode 006: Interview with Alan Smyth (MyFatherDaughter.Com)

Subscribe Here In this episode of Parenting with Truth and Grace we interview Alan Smyth of Alan has been married for 31 years. He has two children, Trevor and Brittany. In addition to starting the blog and website, Alan served on Young Life staff for 25 years. He is passionate about fatherhood and has […]

Day 2 – Original Prayer Requests – Posted by David & Alyse

August 1 – Day 2 – Put out on the prayer chain by David & Kelli – Please pray for Justus Nikolao, our 4 year old grandson. Justus was taken by ambulance to the hospital yesterday morning for being unresponsive. He has not been well this past week feeling tired, stomach/headaches and slight fever, then Friday […]

#TeamJustus Prayer Requests


Thank you for praying for all the needs of #TeamJustus! What a privilege to join our hearts together in prayer. This page has been set up to provide a central place for prayer requests shared on #TeamJustus. We can’t be responsible for the accuracy of these as we are counting on those providing the information. If […]

Day 4 – Post #1


Sitting in my grandsons hospital room watching my sweet daughter and her husband bravely face the storm of a sick child. It’s hard to be so helpless. I want to fix it. But it brings me back to the feet of the only one who actually controls the course. God is good. All the time. […]

Day #5 – post 1


As I write this they have my grandson hooked up to what seems like hundreds of electrodes in order to do an EEG. Grandparenting is the absolute best and the most excruciating! We are so thankful for all the prayers going up on our grandson Justus’ behalf. We ask you to please continue praying. He […]

Day 5 – post #2

The day before our grandson Justus spent 26 days in Pediatric ICU.

Here’s the latest update on our grandson Justus. Please know we are doing this on behalf of Jason and Alyse in order to allow them to not have to answer the many texts and messages. But know how much they feel and appreciate the love and support their son is receiving from so many family […]