Make 2017 Your Best Year EVER!


It feels a little strange. Actually it feels really strange to be sending out so many emails and on top of that to be talking about someone else’s product. The truth is as we talked about starting off 2017 the right way ourselves, we decided to really lean into goal setting and preparing ourselves and […]

Do You Measure Up as a Dad?

If I’m honest one of my biggest fears, if not THE biggest, is this… will I measure up as a dad?! I’ve been a dad now for 33 years, so that statement looks way different today. But certainly 33 years ago, when we were just starting down the path of parenthood, I had enormous fears […]

What would make 2017 an amazing year for your family?

As our family grew and our kids got older that question, and certainly the answer to that question, looked a little different year to year. About ten years ago, our pastor, Dr. Jim Kennington preached a sermon on the importance of setting goals. I remember thinking at the time that it was a strange topic […]

Three Mistakes Parents are Making When it Comes to the Election

I promise this isn’t a political post. It isn’t even going to be about Trump or Clinton. Rather, I want to talk to parents about parenting and the election. Every year, the beginning of November the country goes to the polls. Of course, every four years, that event takes on special meaning as it did […]

Why I Wish I had Never Become a Parent ~ And 3 Ways I Remain Excited That I Am One!

If you followed #TeamJustus, then you know all too well our journey with our grandson Justus. Barely four years old he developed an infection of unknown origin that began attacking his brain. It led to 120 days in the hospital, which included over 20 days in a medically induced coma, nearly a month in the […]

What do you think is the #1 area parents want to grow in?

Recently we did a survey of our readers and asked, “What are the top 3 areas you’d most like to grow in as a parent?” As expected some of the top answers included the usual suspects – Character Development, Getting Respectful Behavior, and First Time Obedience. But the number one answer shouldn’t surprise you, it […]