Day Last… T-Homecoming!!! Justus Comes Home

5) Asleep in my bed!

Did you feel the ground shake? Could you sense the anticipation of today’s launch? Suddenly I feel like there is so much to say and so little time. I realize there is no time pressure, but our journey has turned a significant page. I happened to write an article today for our church’s online newsletter […]

Day 116-64 ~ T-1 and Counting – The Final Countdown!


  As a kid I remember watching the Apollo missions takeoff from Cape Canaveral. My favorite part was that final countdown. I have vivid memories, I’m sure aided by television replays over the years, of the smoke (I’m sure there is a more scientific term) as it would begin to bellow. Then as the countdown […]

#TeamJustus Prayer Requests


Thank you for praying for all the needs of #TeamJustus! What a privilege to join our hearts together in prayer. ACTS – Adoration – Confession – Thanksgiving – Supplication This page has been set up to provide a central place for prayer requests shared on #TeamJustus. We can’t be responsible for the accuracy of these as […]

PWTG Episode 011: Interview with David Stoop

SUBSCRIBE HERE In this episode of Parenting with Truth and Grace we interview author and speaker David Stoop. He is a psychologist and family counselor who has been working with families and marriages for over 35 years. He is fascinated with how families and marriages work and am challenged to find out why they don’t work […]

Day 2 – Original Prayer Requests – Posted by David & Alyse

August 1 – Day 2 – Put out on the prayer chain by David & Kelli – Please pray for Justus Nikolao, our 4 year old grandson. Justus was taken by ambulance to the hospital yesterday morning for being unresponsive. He has not been well this past week feeling tired, stomach/headaches and slight fever, then Friday […]