Day 30


Just typing the number 30 is a bit surreal. Yesterday I copy pasted all of these updates over to our Axis Ministries Website so people would have an easy way to access the posts. For those that don’t know, Kelli and I, when we aren’t updating from the PICU at Doernbecher’s, spend our time split […]

Day 32


As you can see by all the pictures (I couldn’t pick just one) Justus has officially moved to the top floor of Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital. The picture with Alyse on the bed and her arms crossed while Jason is trying to encourage her out of the PICU is only slightly staged. In the end, there […]

Day 31


I know I haven’t been giving titles to any of these updates, but if I were going to title this one I’d call it, “Moving to the Tenth Floor.” We’ve had another wonderful day with Justus. He continues to show great progress, however slow it might seem at times. I’ve talked a lot about our […]

Original Prayer Requests – Posted by David & Alyse

August 1 – Day 2 – Put out on the prayer chain by David & Kelli – Please pray for Justus Nikolao, our 4 year old grandson. Justus was taken by ambulance to the hospital yesterday morning for being unresponsive. He has not been well this past week feeling tired, stomach/headaches and slight fever, then Friday […]

Day 4 – Post #1


Sitting in my grandsons hospital room watching my sweet daughter and her husband bravely face the storm of a sick child. It’s hard to be so helpless. I want to fix it. But it brings me back to the feet of the only one who actually controls the course. God is good. All the time. […]

Day 29 – post #1


We’ve talked a lot over the past several weeks about the storms of life. God has been encouraging all of us to remember, the moon is round, even in the midst of the storm. I might even say, especially in the midst of the storm. There are things about Jesus, which the disciples could only […]

Day 28 – post #2


I’ll try to keep tonight’s update short. I asked you early to pray for several things today. It’s strange because in a general sense Jason and Alyse made the decision to hunker down and chase Justus if you will; to really give our little warrior a chance to tell us how he’s doing. So they […]