3 Reasons Why You Should Make it a Priority to Teach Your Child Self-Control

I don’t know if you realize it, but there are over 75,000 books written on parenting. That doesn’t include all of the podcasts, blogs, and magazine articles thrown into the mix. And no, it’s not lost on me that we are adding to that enormous pile! The question is, with this mountain of information, how in […]

#TeamJustus Update and 48 Hour Bonus

As we approach the one year anniversary of that fateful day, July 31, 2015, we can’t help but be flooded with waves of emotions. First, we have and are dealing with the emotions of experiencing events that just a year ago, Justus was eagerly involved in… his aunt’s wedding celebration… his TMNT birthday party… the […]

Three Reasons to Stop Trying to Control Your Child

Dr. James Dobson calls them the strong willed child. Dr. Leman uses the term the powerful child. I think my parents just called me the hardheaded child! While these terms aren’t necessarily synonymous, they do refer to a similar dynamic – those parent-child relationships that seem especially difficult and even confrontational. What we have found […]

PWTG Episode 037: The 8 Things to Remember When You Talk to Your Kids About Traumatic events

What should you do when tramatic events take place? Whether those events happen in our home (a sick child, a car accident) or we hear about them on the news (9-11 or Orlando, Florida); it’s hard to know what or how much we should  tell our children. After all, we want to help them process […]

PWTG Episode 036: Interview with Rick and Leanne Noren

Head Coach - St. Martin's Women's Fastpitch

In this episode of Parenting with Truth and Grace we interview Rick and Leanne Noren. Rick is the Assistant Athletic Director and Head Softball Coach at Saint Martin’s University where he is assisted by none other than Leanne Noren! They have worked together for over 15 years at the collegiate and club level. You can listen to […]